Replacing APE with id3

Hi! i can't seem to figure out how to remove the APE tag from certain files. I'd like them to be id3 tags instead since winamp doesn't seem to be able to read the APE tags properly...



Start MP3Tag and hit [CTRL+O] to open the settings dialog. Under Tags, you will see the two nodes Mpeg and Ape, Mpc .... There you can select the tag formats for the specified file types.

In order to transfer the APEv2 tags to ID3v2, select reading of APEv2 tags and writing of ID3v2 (and optionally ID3v1) tags. Then select the files you want to edit, press [CTRL+X] and finally [CTRL+V]. Notice that some formats do not support ID3v2. In that case, only ID3v1 and APEv2 is available.

Edit: I have updated the FAQs, as this question has been asked several times on the forums.

Sebastian Mares