Replacing artist


i accidentally removed all my artists from tags. i like to know how i can re-
add them all at once without doing this by hand please.

Thank You


If you don't have changed anything and your tracks are still loaded in Mp3tag, you can UNDO it with the menu Edit -> Undo (or press CTRL + Z).

Otherwise, you have to restore your tracks from your previously made backup.

In the unlikely case that you don't have a backup, you can maybe reimport this deleted tags from your file- oder foldernames.


Thank you for the reply looks like i'll have to redo by hand that close to 20000 files. i was hoping mp3tag has some way of doing this.


You don't have the artist name anywhere in your path- or filename?

Something like
ABBA\Waterloo\1974\05 - My Mama said.mp3

i do but all the actions for trying to recover the artist won't work from the filename. like i said i accidentally deleted artist from extended tag thinking it would only effect mp3tag itself.

Could you show us an action with which you tried to recover data from the filename?
I am asking as there are a number of posts that deal with nothing but the retrieval of data from filenames in various portions. So I doubt that all actions fail.
See e.g. the FAQs

sorry i'll correct myself, they do work but i tried earlier for me they didn't for what i was trying to do at that time. i did filename to tag and just pulled %artist% (which i didn't try earlier) and that work but it put the whole filename in the artist field. now how can i get it to drop the title off when i convert the filename to tag option?

Please show us the mask that you used and a typical filename, preferably with a screendump (as every blank matters).

here the screen shots i hope they come out.

It looks to me that the double dot separates the artist part from the title.
Mask: %artist% .. %dummy%
should import only the first bit.



Thank You!!!! that did it and will save me many many hours. Thanks Again!!