Replacing Double-back-slash With Semi-colon-Space

Sorry if this is explained elsewhere. I could not find it.

Tags like Composer and Style have up to several values (e.g. Michael Preston Barr\\Dion McGregor or World Fusion\\Latin Jazz\\Afro-Cuban\\Afro-Cuban Jazz\\Cuban Traditions)
MP3tag only displays the first value in the list and I do not see the rest of the values.

I wish to convert from \\ to ; (semi-colon followed by a space) as a list separator.
MP3tag displays all the values when saved like Michael Preston Barr; Dion McGregor
or World Fusion; Latin Jazz; Afro-Cuban; Afro-Cuban Jazz; Cuban Traditions

I have tried many many different Action variations of:
Field ld: _COMPOSER
Original: \x5C\x5C
Replace with: "; "
I have not been able to get an Action to work.

I have thousands, possibly tens of thousands of files to change.
Doing it one by one by hand is slow/painful.
Any assistance appreciated.

The reason you can't replace those backslashes is that they only display as backslashes! In the binary file they display as field separators. Someone more tech-savvy than I will have to explain it. I inserted actual backslashes in Winamp and a simple REPLACE converts them. Mp3tag apparently only converts them to something else when it saves the tag. The real characters are probably not very user-friendly.

If you have "\\" as seperater in a tag it means that there are multiple tags.
Mp3Tag will show them if you mark this mp3 and press ALT-T, which opens the extended viewer and editor.

If you want to change that, there is an action-type which merges multiples tags:
Action Type: Merge duplicate fields
Seperator: ;

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As mentioned above the \\ is simply the multi-value separator that Mp3Tag displays in the UI, not saved verbatim to tags. The Tag Panel displays it correctly (View>Tag Panel), as does the Extended Tags window:

What you probably saw is the columns in the list pane, which for whatever reason doesn't display multi-value tags by default.

To show the multiple values right-click the columns select Customize columns... and in the Value field change it to the following:


Replace artist with whatever the multi-value tag you're wanting to display in that column.

Wow. I am impressed. Three fast replies and you're all right.

Rijkstra is right that it's only a display problem in MP3tag.

LaurenBacall showed me how to fix the display problem of
not displaying multiple values (changing the "value" field
under Customize Columns).

And poster showed me how to use Actions to display multiple values
separated with semi-colons.

Beautiful. That's what I wanted. Thanks so very much. It's appreciated.

You should be aware that software uses different delimiters to show multiple values.
While Mp3Tag uses "\\" as delimiter, Foobar i.e. shows ";" for the same file and tag.

For years this never was a problem. Just recently something changed as in the past we never saw the two slashes. Florian was kind enough to help. Learned about Alt T which I never had to use before. This does show WHY as you now have duplicate tags but LaurenBacall does help with more info how to fix.