Replacing ...

I want to get rid of dots... from track/album etc. Problem is that i can't find way to make it work, because . matches any single character.

We Live In A World...
So Far, So Good...So What!

I also want to get rid of unnecesary spaces like "... A Dish Better Served Coldly"


okay, it's another program, but i have been using this for years. it makes renaming of all files and folders easy -- not only for music files but all files ! you can insert number or text anywhere in a file name, trim names, or replace text strings in file/folder names.

the best yet is that it's free and it's a small program. it has to be my most used program for renaming files.

to solve your "." problem, i would suggest replacing all "." with "" in this program. this gets rid of the extra "." in your files, but then you have a problem that all files extensions are missing the "." Because all file extensions are 3 letters, you can tell the program to insert a "." in position 4 from the right. then all files will have a "." between the file names and the extension name!


There's no need for other programs...

". matches any single character." only counts for regular expressions. If you want to match an actual dot, you must mask in with .

But why don't you use a simple Replace action where dot is dot?!


But only if you actually enable that option!

By default it works as you want it.

Regular expression: .{3}
Replace matches with:

Works fine, but how can i add space between words?
So Far, So Good...So What!
So Far, So GoodSo What!

Just add a space in the Replace matches with field.