Req: Multiline Comment Field

First, I'd like to say thank you for such a wonderful program! For a compulsive tagger like myself, this has been a HUGE time saver.

Would it be possible make the Comment field be a multi-line input box? Most media players I use show this field as multi-line, and it would be much easier to format and add additional information to that field in Mp3Tag if it were multi-line.

Thanks again!

See here: /t/16708/1

So, basically, people have been asking for this feature for years, but it has not been added? It seems like a pretty simple thing, to add an option to make the Comment input field multi-line.

That's the way it looks.
So, yours is not a new idea (what ever happened to the search for related topics in this forum?).
But: there are workarounds available that you may use or wait until you get the feature the way you proposed it.