REQUEST: change inconsistent behavior user created elements

The obvious inconsistency is this: actions can be moved around on their list in the Action Groups window and do not have to be in alphabetical order; while Export window do not have the UP and DOWN icon and every new Export entry after entering its "Name of the new export configuration" is placed on the list according the alphabetical order

Yes, those are two different features / functions but why cannot the user decide what should be on the top of the list of exports? If you always have many of them or have temporarily crated a bunch of them [with the intention of deleting later those temps] why should you be constrained with the alphabet?

The only time an Export list can be not in an alphabetical order is when you have on the list something like


from which you select "B", click "Duplicate" and accept the suggested "B (1)" name- and then rename it to for example "X". This most likely will end you up wit such a list


So the ability to display that list not in alphabetical order is already there. But the moment you click OK and then reenter the Export window, the list sorts itself out back to alphabetical order, showing now the


And I wrote most likely will instead of just will because there also some kind of bug there- if you start to temper with names and duplication of entries it can spit an error saying something about lack of ability to find a given entry / file [I am unable to recall the message in a verbatim way and have not been able to occurrence of that bug]

For actions the order is important if you want to execute more than just one action group.
Then the list of selected actions gets executed from top to bottom of the user-set order.
As it may be vital to have just a special sequence, that does not follow the alphabetical order, you can move the entries for actions around.

Exports on the other hand, can only be executed individually. So finding export in a - as you say - long list is much easier if a universal ordering principle is applied and you don't have to remember that you put that export "all out" in the middle of the list.
AFAIK MP3tag offers you the last export script as already selected. By some chance this the frequently used one.
If you do not want to use the already selected one, you can click into the list of the export and press a letter key to jump to the first entry starting with that letter - the alphabetical ordern then reassures you that you see all the further export scripts and that you are not in for a bad suprise that some export scripts starting with that letter are scattered across the list.

I would say: yes it is a different behaviour of lists and not inconsistent.

I will quote what I have just written in another thread:

I do not understand what your contemplations about the behaviour of the cancel button have to do with the order of items in a list.

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