REQUEST: Column width auto adjustment button

Over a year ago I presented an extension to settings to how the columns can be defined by user: /t/17941/1

And now I came up with another thing: there should be a button that would reset the width of all columns to predefined ones. Or even better: a button that would go back and forth between the current sizes [what is seen on the screen in the main window] and the user pre-choice

It is simply annoying to have to adjust the sizes all the time. Right now we can click the right side of the column header only to adjust it to the longest visible value in a given moment. The widths are remembered between the resets of system / reopening of Mp3tag and the columns themselves can be configured [and remembered]. So wouldn't it be handy to have one more [optional] parameter: a default width? And then a button to enforce / switch to it [in all of the currently turned on columns]? Sometimes I do need to make some columns wider [and others shorter]- usually just for few minutes / files / tasks. And then when I want to go back to my previous view I need to adjust them manually back; or even worse, replace manually all oft he configurations files [becasue of the vast number of temporal changes done]. And that is just repetitive time and click consuming additional work

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Or even better [or at least an alternative modification]: three states / ways

1] "normal": whatever is on the screen during workflow

2] pre-defined: whatever user wished for and saved in settings

3] current maxed out: all of turned on columns [of files visible at the moment] are stretched out to show all of the content [even if the user will had to use the horizontal scrollbar to see the content "obscured" somewhere far to the right]

Options 1 and 2 are the ones that I already proposed. Option 3 with one simple click would do the work that could be the equivalent of even a dozen and more double clicks on the right edge of columns' headers and of some scrolling [if there would be some columns far to the right that would need an adjustment]. So the icon / button would toggle between three states: on the fly work, work taking into consideration only what user thought of and defined beforehand, on the fly work but optimized based on the current set of files visible on the screen

And maybe the third option should be a separate button; because scrolling down / up to a file that has even as little as one tag field with with more of text [and thus requiring more horizontal space to display] would require another adjustment- and if it was available under one button then it would require three clicks [to go from option 3 to 1, from 1 to 2, from 2 finally back to 3; instead of just clicking once a separated button for option 3]

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see this thread:
Automatic Column Width Re-sizing

And what is the most annoying you ask?

Well in my book noting beats my GENRE Column, which is always long or very long [as it holds various information in form of codes]. I often have to widen my GENRE Column so much, that it exceeds the horizontal space [of an ultrawide monitor may I add]. And sooner or later the same thing always happens: I start to work on files than have short or even no values in GENRE. And so to not waste horizontal space I have to scroll to the right and then manually adjust the size. And then again at some point I have to make it wider. And so on- the fun just never stops!

How about for starter a simple addition of an "Adjust the current Column" option in its most basic form, available under the right click? That right click that currently brings us the ability to further left click "Cutomize colums..." option?

We could have then a two entry list- with the new option being at the top of it. It would make the [hoovered upon] Column as wide as the values would make it, if only the user was to quickly double left click the right edge of its header. That way I would not have to scroll no more and aim for the edge of GENRE Column so many times- I could just more quickly access the same function via small menu