Request : custom fields and/or aditional parsing features

Request : custom fields and/or aditional parsing features

I have been struggling to add complementary informations not proposed as a standard to my music files, such as "location", "ambiance" or "century". To my regret, mp3tag doesn't offer a way to manage such custom fields although it sounds so usefull to me (and no other tool does to my knowledge).

What I did for now is putting these "custom" informations all together in extendable text fields like the "genre" and "comment" fields, using special delimiters to distinguish between them. After exporting the tags with mp3tag, I can feed them to a custom parser that parses them to separate column and allows me to do the sorting/playlist-ing jobs.

It would be great if for example, I could ask mp3tag to systematically parse the "comment" field of my files using a read/write format specifier like "%Location (custom)% ; %ambiance (custom)%". The great advantage of having field values put to separate column would be for sorting. It becomes very cumbersome to edit the fields when entries can't be sorted with them, because they can't be selected and processed at once.


Custom fields are supported, just press ALT+T and create one with a name of your choice.

That's a valuable alternative !

Actually the ID3 field must be a "legal" one right, one among the specified fields of ID3 ? So that's more a "column header display" customization - but hey, it's doing just what I was aiming for, that's the point. Thanks !

Powerfull always means a little complex I guess...

There are several fields that Mp3tag supports and maps to the appropriate ID3v2 fields and if no mapping is known, a custom frame is created (which is also ID3v2 valid).