REQUEST: drop files anywhere

I would like to be able to drag and drop my files anywhere within Mp3tag

I just do not understand, what is the purpose of blocking a drop down on Tag Panel of Filter Box? The files are to be loaded [and shown as a list in the min window] and not pasted as a text to some tag field or into the Filter Box

D&D works if the target object knows what to do with the object being dragged.
So if an audio object is dragged to a text box then this text box does not know what to do with the audio file.
Tag panel and filter box feature mainly text accepting objects - but no audio objects.
The Tag panel accepts a picture object as album art, though.
A target object cannot transfer the dragged object to the next object like e.g. the file list - which would accept the audio object and its tag data.

Coming back to your idea: the objects could very well contain text - which would then be used as filter or tag panel data... Is that what you want?

You see that a lot of programs still have not achieved to realize the DWIM concept ("do what i mean").

And so it should know: just put them on the list as files

And so when that happens- redirect them to the main window

But I bet it checks if this is an object; or when if it a file, what extension it has

And so when seeing an audio extension it could simply treat it as something to be added to the list of files

I want Mp3tag to recognize that I am dragging audio files and allow me them to drop then anywhere. It already recognizes them, because when I hoover with them over the Tag Panel / Filter Box, icons / menu, then the mouse pointer is in form of a circle with a line going through it [indicating elarly a no-go performance]- but the moment I start to hoover over the main window, the pointer changes to a default one

Right now I often have a lot of open windows and so when I select and files that I want to load to Mp3tag, instead of circling through positions with ALT + TAB, I drag them onto the Mp3tag icon pinned to my vertical taskbar. But instead of moving them later on a little to the right, I have to move them a lot to the right- because on the left is the he Tag Panel. And if the Tag Panel happens to be wider, that the movement is bigger. And so when I am dragging files from ride side of my ultrawide screen to the left side where the Mp3tag icon is and then back to the middle of the screen- I perform unnecessary movements and thinking. Multiply them by even up to dozens per day by days and then by years- and you'll get simply frustrated and annoyed with them

It would be so much easier if you knew much more about object-oriented programming.

Looking at it from a workflow point of view:
If an object would pass on a dragged object to the next entity in a GUI, e.g. the menu bar which would not accept it. So the menu bar passes it on to the filter box which cannot deal with it so it passes it on to the files list which detects an unsupported file and so passes it on to the tag panel.

And like that the object gets passed around and MP3tag simply stops working. And you do not get any user feedback that you just tried to d&d an illegal object into MP3tag.
So I would say: let us keep it as safe as it is with a decent user-action-feedback. I am sure you will be able to hit the biggest area in MP3tag.
Of if that is not feasible, use the "open folder" function to get to the file.
Or copy&paste the path from the explorer window into the tag panel directory box and press enter.

How come that you always have such difficulties in handling the GUI?
Grabbing the tag panel, for instance: /t/18620/1
Using menu functions: /t/16741/1
Using custom menus: /t/18380/1

Edit: as the whole scenario is yet again very much dependent on the favoured workflow, here is one where "dropping anywhere" is plain dangerous:
You edit using the extended tags dialogue - an application modal dialogue.
For some reason, you switch to the explorer and navigate to some other files, the explorer window hides the extended tags dialogue.
If you now d&d files from the explorer to MP3tag - and here even to the files list - you get the blocking cursor. ANd quite right so.
Adding/replacing the new files without finishing the current edit would lead to some really unexpected results.

Unfortunately, a long time go the have kicked me out of the IT study on the accounts of my poor grades in English, physics and mathematics; before we got to the good stuff. Because to be an IT engineer you have to know all 16 English tenses, know how to calculate orbit and do calcus

So it comes down to this: if someone would select a lot of files then Mp3tag would choke on them? With one or few it could be doable, but with a lot of of them there would be way too much data to toss around?

So can't Mp3tag just look at / look for [if there are proper] extensions in the first place? The files are already selected- so aren't theirs names and file extensions already in the RAM?

If I would take time / effort to do this it would be the equivalent of dropping of the dragged files in the proper [main] area. So it seems like an alternative

But it would not work in a situation when I drag some of the files from a given location

I just want to make it better

So this situation / place would be simply excluded? And also the Export and Actions. As it is happening under current settings [as the load up / dropping is unavailable]?