REQUEST : for cover art, modify "Paste" command

The issue is explained in this forum topic.

The request is to modify the "Paste" command (the one appearing in the left panel, in the cover art area, when you right-click).

Ideally, split the command in two:

  • "Paste original image file" (grayed out if the Clipboard does not contain a filepath to an image file)
  • "Paste as Bitmap" (grayed out if the Clipboard does not contain a DIV binary image stream)

The first one would work exactly as the "Add cover ..." command in the same right-click menu, but instead of having to search for the jpg/png file manually in the "Open" box, the jpg/png/... file (that is referenced on the clipboard as source of the DIV binary image stream also on the Clipboard) would be used.
Moreover, if you "Copy" an image file (e.g. copy command in a file explorer), this could be directly pasted as well (this currently is not possible)

The "Paste as Bitmap" is just the current implementation (paste the DIB).