Request: Logarithm Function


I'd like to be able to view dBTP values in Mp3tag, but I need a logarithm function to convert the ReplayGain Peak values to dBTP. I don't know how difficult this would be to add, but it would be great to see it added in the future. Is this a possibility @Florian?


You can export these value to a text file and then process them in an external application (that has the logarithm functions).

You can also re-import data from text files into the fields that you specify.


Thanks for your suggestions @ohrenkino. My intention is not to add the dBTP values to any tag, but is to just display them next to the already saved ReplayGain Peak values by calculating them.


The idea stays the same:
export the value, calculate them in whatever you want them, import the (new?) data into whatever field you want.
You may have noticed that only basic calculations for integers are supported by MP3tag.


As I stated before, I don't want these calculated values saved in any tag. Yesterday I tried to figure out if there was a way I could use any combination of Mp3tag's current functions to calculate the value I want and soon learned that solving for logarithms is more complicated than I thought it would be. And yes I realized that there are only basic arithmetic functions in Mp3tag.

I'd just like to know if a logarithm function could possibly be added in the future as I don't know if it would take just a few minutes to implement or if it would take days.. in which case I would understand if it didn't get added.


In general, it is never quite clear what the intentions behind a feature request are: is it the search for a solution for a particular problem but the path to realization is yet unknown and the request just an idea or does it have to be just one very special and limited implementation.
If you are desperate to see the values next to each other right now I do not see any other way than the export and import into a dedicated field.
The good thing is that you can use this procedure until a shorter way gets implemented.


I need the dBTP value so that I can add the ReplayGain Album/Track Gain value to it and see if the dBTP value ends up being greater than 0. This tells me if there will be clipping upon track playback after adding ReplayGain.

The problem I'm trying to solve is unique and there are probably very few, if any, people that would also like to know how many tracks in their collection have clipping after ReplayGain is added, but I'd like to know out of curiosity. Also maybe others will find problems where they need a logarithm function to solve them.. (probably not :neutral_face:)