[Request] Modify plID/Album ID (iTunes) for m4a songs

I REALLY hope to see that feature in mp3tag. MP3tag is much better than any other softwares and I don't know why it doesn't support doing this. PLEASE. There are some so damn awesome itunes sources which don't do their full job because of this

I currently don't know how this is used (although I can find it in some of the files I've bought from the iTunes Store).

Can you give a short explanation on the purpose of this field?

thanks for answering. It kinda associates the album to its page on apple music/itunes store. with the album ID tag you get more of the artists work, you get the stars next to the most popular songs on the album and you also get the animated artwork if available.

the difference between an album with the plID properly tagged and another tagged using mp3tag:

the first album tagged using a software with Album ID and plID2(?)

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FWIW, ExifTool documents the plID box as playlist ID. A classic album is just a special kind of playlist apparently.

This ID can be used with the Apple Music API:


PS: This that is probably a duplicate of Modify iTunes Album ID


It's now available as ITUNESALBUMID with Mp3tag v3.06b (among other iTunes-related fields).

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Thank you so much! GOAT!

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