REQUEST: playlist / folders load-up at pre-start

I would like to propose adding new optional function which would allow for a faster loading time of files

The fact is:
if files are loaded to Mp3tag earlier [and are still residing in RAM], then reopening of them is much faster

to later on speed up the work, the initial load up has to to be performed at the startup of the operating system - and not when the user decides to finally use thus open Mp3tag

And so this can be done it two ways:

A] Mp3tag would be told to open itself after the system startup with a certain playilist[s] and / or folder[s] loaded to it. And it would do it in a minimized form, thus waiting in the background to be used by the user later on

B] Mp3tag would open a mini-version of itself with the sole purpose of loading files pre-selected by the user - and store them in RAM, stopping other software from utilizing that part of RAM. This data would be ready to use by the main Mp3tag that we know today. This would be a more elegant way

Recently I was finally able to come with a workaround solution for such not yet existing function that I speak

But firstly: it only works under certain conditions that some user might not have. And secondly: just as I predicted, it can be easily broken. Thus: if this will be a Mp3tag function, then it will be less susceptible to destruction

And not: the Library is not the option that I wish for. In this topic that I evoked above, the Library feature was already discussed in negative terms in this regard

And also: I recently bough a brand new machine and installed up-to-date Windows 10 on it from scratch, utilizing the fastest M.2 NVMe that I could find on the market. And I am simply disappointed with how little speed my initial load-up process of files to Mp3tag have gained. And yes- I have consulted this diminutive progress on some other hardware oriented forum - and apparently what I am getting now is unfortunately a normal behavior. And what I am getting is quite acceptable re-load time [which in the feasible future will be even smaller because I did not buy the fastest CPU and RAM fitting to my motherboard]; while on the other hand I am getting a counter-productive initial load up time [which in the feasible future will not be reduced as it was explained to me on that hardware forum]

All of this reminds me a lot of this thread:


I am sorry, I should have just added new info to that old topic. [I did remember that discussion about Library thus evoked it - but completely forgot about this one]