Request:Pre-defined menu's

It would be an tremendous help if there are pre-defined menu's in the Artist and Year options, just like the pre-defined menu in the Genre-opton. That is an great help cince you dont have to type the same genre over and over again.


see /t/19198/1, a thread from yesterday.

Edit: and a question from me:

Which pre-set values would like to see in such a list? I mean there are millions of artists out there.
(Whereas there are just 256 pre-set values for genre as they are defined in the ID3 standard).
The same would apply to the year-list:
which year would you like to see as starting value and which one as end value?
How would you select from that list (in a way that is simpler than typing in 4 digits).

If you want to set values to several files in one go then use the corresponding fields in the tag panel.
Add the data there and when you have finished press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

And finally: if you really have such a limited set of artists, create a number of actions of the type "Format value" for ARTIST.

Edit: I just found a thread that deals with a similar topic: Suggested Feature: Allow User To Add Items To Drop-Down Boxes

It is a bit more outspoken about the pros and cons.