REQUEST: pre-load of files

I would like Mp3tag to somehow run in itself the background after the system waking up, loading up designated folders / playlists

It's not every time that I use Mp3tag and it not that I run it from the starting of the operating system. But I [almost] always start using Mp3tag by loading of all of my files- and that takes time. So if they were loaded up somehow before, it would save me a lot of time

Maybe something like a stripped down version of Mp3tag [that could be hidden in a tray independently from the big Mp3tag running or not runnning] would do the trick? But I guess it would require two instances of Mp3tag- a concept many times deemed by Florian

Isn't this function already there?
In the shape of the Autostart menu, the option to start a program minimized, the option in MP3tag to set a start folder?

Maybe I should expand my request

How about it would be also definable after how many minutes a re-loading should be performed? In the background, in this side version of Mp3tag. So that I could move files with file handler and have [quite] up to date list of files ready; so that when I actually open Mp3tag [for the first time] it would have most of the reading work done [by having most of the files already loaded to RAM]


Doesn't this idea (hdd intensive process running in the background) collide with your reservations from Discussion of Windows Indexing / Windows Search 4 where you would not let the Windows indexer do its duty as this slows down your system.
The feature to first load the list, then watch it and constantly update it is something completely different.

So all in all I still would say: it is already possible to get MP3tag to load files at the time of beginning of a session.

Indexing whole drive is something different than indexing specific folders

You also probably do not keep music with pictures in the same location

But only now have I remembered that you can index [by Windows] also only folders and not whole drives

But are you trying to tell me that if I let the Windows index my hard drive with music then my music will be loaded faster to Mp3tag after a system reboot?

No. I am pretty sure that I did not say anything like that.
Indexing is fine for searching but does hardly anything for loading, I would say.
Perhaps you mixed this thread with this reply:
Discussion of Windows Indexing / Windows Search 4

An that is why I asked

Now it's clear

So pre-loading of list of files before [later on] opening of Mp3tag would be beneficial

But it would almost the same thing as just opening Mp3tag and loading the files


It's only now that I have read it

How about a system like that:

1] User boots up. Mp3tag is not opened but a silent mini-version is auto running from the start

2] Mini-version loads the files and monitors the folders if there is any addition to them or removal or renaming. User decides how often should such check up be done; for example 5 minutes

3] Mp3tag is opened. And as the mini-version was already running, files are instantly shown. And as a fail-safe, there is indication within the normal Mp3tag which shows how much more files does it need to check to see if that is up to date

4] 5 minutes later a mini-version checks the files once more. Or after for example as little as 3 minutes, which would be a separate setting [differentiating between the state when there is only mini-version running in the background and the state where the normal Mp3tag is opened

All of this should be of course optional and not turned on by default; so that it would be accessed by advanced users

I guess that it would require a second inconstancy, a concept already [negatively] discussed on this forum. But wouldn't this help combat the problem of slow load up of tens of thousands of files? This problem will go away in the future with the advancement in hardware, but it will probably take something like a decade for an ordinary drive to be able to load 100 000 seconds in a matter of a 2-3 seconds

Just to give you an idea:

WMP checks files "in the background" i.e. it has a background update mechanism that scans the drive for updates and modifications.
It all works well with collections of up something like 30,000 files.
Beyond 100,000 you get frequent errors that there is something wrong with the library database and whether one would like to fix it.
If you tell it to fix it, you wait for more than a day until all the files have been read back into the library.
In short: it simply does not work.
MP3tag has the additional drawback that it does not use a database. Well, it is not actually a drawback - Mp3tag is not administration program for a collection, so it does not need a database.
A safeguard would have to be implemented that watches the amount of consumed RAM so that MP3tag does not crash.
And many more things.
So, yes, we are all entitled to post our ideas about future concepts.
But no, not all of them are actually good ones to be put into practice.

SSD's gave me a lot of time saved but they are still to slow

And so I will have to wait for advancements in hardware and drop in prices

It seems that my concept of mini-version has been somewhat partially implemented by the means of the new Library feature

Library feature - the next step?

There is no mini-version.
The library does not update itself in the background.
Loading of files goes quicker for files that have been loaded previously in a different session with the library feature switched on and the modification date is still the same.
The main purpose was to allow to load bigger collection.
Even with the library, MP3tag only treats files that are currently loaded - MP3tag does not scan the contents of the library for reference.

The idea with the library in respect to background loading crept into this thread because I mentioned the WMP that has a library that gets updated while WMP is running. This background update process does not load all the files together into the memory but compares the contents of watched folders with the library. This goes file by file which one can see with a process explorer.

In fact, WMP takes its time at startup to load the library and do some initial checks. I would say that a library has nothing to do with pre-loading files.
MP3tag still does not do anything like it.