REQUEST: Turning on / off Columns like fields in the Tag Panel

Not so long ago the Tag Panel got this new ability: the user can right click it to see a menu, on which a list of all defined fields is presented [Feature suggestion for Tag-Panel - activating and deactivation of fields]. This saves time as the user no longer has to enter Tool > Options > Tag Panel

How about the exact change to the right click menu the we see when we click any of the Columns?


There is no need for change.
This has been a feature of Mp3Tag as long as I use it.
Right-Cllck - > Customize columns

If you count the number of clicks needed to turn on / off one Tag Field [with that new option] and number of clicks needed to turn on / off one Column [with the current state of affairs], then you will see the difference I was implying

And the overall reason behind such ugrade is that the user may want to turn off just one Column and not wanting to scroll and search through multiple of items that become available after clicking the currently implemented option [the Customize columns...]. If you like me have dozens of Columns and many with similar names, then being able to turn 1 or 2 of them without the need of going into Columns window would be simply click and time saving

So right now if we right-click a name of the Column we only get a menu with one item in it [Customize columns...] - but we could have beneath it there one more item: Turn off. This option would simply turn off the Column on which the user has clicked in order to see that menu

I like this idea as well. I often change the columns based on what I am editing.

I've added support to toggle file list columns via context menu on column header with Mp3tag v2.94c Development Build.


Very nice -- thank you, Florian.

A little more request/suggestion: to split this local menu into multiple columns. To the bottom of the screen I have space to see 31 field names in list, but I have ~150 fields...

By the way: the situation with left Tag panel is the same. Will be nice, too, to show all fields, in more columns.**

Going on: include in this local menu the names of panel/columns user-created config files, for one-click solution? It will be perfect...

** Or, the other solution (for both Columns and Tag panel): submenus -- see here.

Well, that what the scroll icons are for

Unfortunately for me they do not always work, as the bottom one does not always appear when it should. It the same problem as with my drop down menu for Actions

Unfortunately again, with Columns it is even worse. Because I am unable to bypass that issue by adding more entries [fake / empty / useless Columns]: no matter how many of the I have, the triangle icon at the bottom shows only if my docked at the top Winamp is in its minimalist form of a thin bar

Do you happen to have this feature in mind:

Sorry, no, to both.

  1. I have 150 fields. Arrows simply are not a solution.

  2. I suggested the automatically created buttons to user created Tags' Panel and Fields' Table config files (in my case: ClassicPanel, ClassicColumns, PopPanel, PopColumns) in the right click menus (of Panel and Table). This is the fastest solution. (In fact, the best is the startup profiles, but it seems unachievable.)

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