[Request] Viewing folders instead of files.

Hi. First of all, let me tell you how much I love Mp3tag, I have so many mp3's it's been hugely helpful.

I have a request though. Instead of only viewing all the files in a folder and subfolders, would it be possible to have it setup as a tree view?

It's hard to explain but:

I have my albums set up like this

Full Albums

......|_Opeth - 2002 - Deliverance ............|_01 - Opeth - Deliverance - Wreath.mp3


So, my request is that, when I have my full albums folder selected, instead of showing:

01 - Opeth - Deliverance - Wreath.mp3
02 - Opeth - Deliverance - Deliverance.mp3
03 - Opeth - Deliverance - A Fair Judgement.mp3

It shows:

Opeth - 2002 - Deliverance
Opeth - 2003 - Damnation
Opeth - 2005 - Ghost Reveries

And then when selecting a folder, it brings up all the tags associated with files in that folder. And then, if need be, the ability to expand the folder to edit individual files within that folder.

My main reason for asking is that windows 7 has, delightfully, decided to resize all of my album art from 500x500 down to 200x200 and make it a hidden system file. So at the moment, I am exporting all my album art from tags and i thought that if I could set Mp3tag up like that, it would be much quicker. Also, i usually tag whole albums at a time, so it would be a grat help for that as well.

Hopefully I've made it clear, although I'm not sure if I have :smiley:.

Thanks in advance

I with this guy!!

I would help out so much to introduce a tree view! :w00t: It would also be nice to be able to rename the Folder name while you're at it!

So at the moment, I am exporting all my album art from tags
and i thought that if I could set Mp3tag up like that, it would be much quicker.

The best ways I've found for exporting album info from tags works on 600 albums in one go with no need for a tree.

It might be worth you describing the way you are doing it, in case it is not the quickest way.

And if you do want access via a tree view, just use the Explorer tree, pick a folder, right-click, click Mp3tag. I vote against Mp3tag having its own tree.

I revive this thread (from September 2009), because I am interested in a folder tree view, too.
It was also asked in June 2005 (see: Folder tree view?).
And also partially in March 2017 (Edit TAG only F2 key; Internal music player; tree view for folders).
The first linked thread mentioned a "roadmap"... well, I used the search function and found something from April 2003 (Aktuelle Hinweise!) written by Florian himself.
Unfortunately he wrote that tree view and commandline was/is not planned :frowning: .
But so many years have passed. Maybe some ideas have changed through 17 years :innocent:.
Dear admin(s) is there anything planned for tree view and/or commandline :angel:?
Would be nice. Thanks for your kind attention :wave:.

Did you know ....
that you can drag&drop files and folders from the explorer into MP3tag?
And that you can select not only one folder at a time but several and/or add further items from the explorer?

This means that you can also treat files from distant locations in one go, selected by the means that the explorer provides.
As this is a fairly comprehensible set of functions I guess that this was the reason why no built-in folder tree has yet been implemented but that one could rely on the one provided by the Windows Explorer.

Yes, but this is not the same.

Also this does not answer the "commandline" feature request.
Thanks anyway.

see here: Command Line Interface – Mp3tag Documentation

Yes, this is a start, but not really what I was looking/wishing for.
It would be nice to do actions(groups) via command line (or rather scripting) than having to open the exe/gui.
Have a nice weekend btw.

Thank you, same to you.

see here:


Yes, like I wrote before: I saw that post from Florian. This quotation is from 15 years ago. Maybe ideas/plans/roadmaps/codes have changed. That is the reason why I was asking.

+1 for folder tree view. Tag&Rename or TagScanner both have this feature, and it is the only missing feature that I wish mp3tag had. Viewing parent folders with many albums under their own folders is just so much easier to easily view and correctly tag when you can contract and expand folders in the list. There is simply no comparison in terms of efficiency editing multiple files and folders. I've been wishing for this feature for more than 10 years and it looks like I'm not alone. I hope Florian finds the inspiration and energy to get it done in the next few years or decades. :slight_smile: Would definitely be nice and infinitely appreciated.