Return (incomplete) composer list to Mp3tag


in my WebScript I am trying to return the list of composers to Mp3tag. Like with track titles, I combine the items with '|' and return it in output "Composer". This works fine as long as every track has a corresponding composter entry.
But in cases where only some of the tracks have composer entries, things get messed up.
The following example shows my output string with only track 3 and 7 (of 11) have a composer:

output["Tracks"]= "Cruel|Yours and Mine|Bisbee Blue|Panic Open String|Letter to Bowie Knife|Roka|Lucky Dime|Smash|Deep Down|Nom de Plume|All Systems Red"
output["Composer"]= "||Burns, Coleman, Convertino, Foster||||Burns, Coleman, Convertino||||"

Here Mp3tag comes up with this track listing:

Tracks 3 and 7 look just fine, but the complete output is appended to the last track, also...

My "quick and dirty" hack is to append an additional '|' to the composer output to make it work.

Any ideas?


i think we need to see you script to help you.


I could do that, no problem, although it might be some code to study...
But, imho, in the end it's just about the output strings handed over to mp3tag, regardless how they were compiled from the HTML code, isn't it?

But if it helps, let me know and I'll collect the relevant snippets combined with the HTML structure that is processed.


Could be, i don't know exactly. I have some web scripts where blank output for some tags resultes in messed up listing in the web sources index dialog (List of search resluts) but correct output in the album dialog (Adjust tag information). I solve those things by trial and error, ...

My first idea is to put some if-function in the script which gives something like "unknown composer" when the coposer field is blank at the web sourse you are parsing. The if-function would need to search for a certain character sequence which apears when there is no composer.
if "<"
say "unknown composer"
sayuntil "<"

But since I don't know your script & source, I can't say exactly.

Just attach your script, I will do a test run and will find the relevant code snippets myself.