reverse title filename to artist

hi again i need to ask you if you can help me how can i reverse a titlename in the filename like this above


bad-02-micahel jackson


michael jackson - bad

only the file name is it possible?

Use "Convert > filename - filename"

Old mask:

New mask:
%3 - %1

thanks for the answer but i tried it and the ok button dose not light up to push it.....

You have the filename
bad-02-michael jackson.mp3

and it should be changed to
michael jackson - bad.mp3

It works.
Can you show a screenshot?


  1. On the keyboard press the [PrintScreen] key.

    This will create an image copy from the entire screen and put it to the clipboard.
    Alternative: Press [Alt+PrintScreen] to take a screenshot of the currently selected window.

  2. Open any graphic application, which can get image content from the clipboard and can save the image to a diskfile, so get the image from the clipboard, cut the size to the important area, save the image file to disk as of filetype "png" or "jpg" to reduce storage size and upload time.
    If you choose the lossy "jpg" format, then use a compression factor which does not hurt the image information too much. Find out the compression respectively quality where the textual image content is still readable and the image size is reasonable small (jpg quality from 90% down to 75%).

  3. Attach the image file to your forum message.

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