Run multiple instances of Mp3tag

Just an (untested) idea:
Would it work with a portable version of Mp3tag?

it did not work for me. installed it locally in a folder, wouldnt run because another instance was already running. unless I was doing something wrong with the portable install...

I would find this ability very handy to have. For lots of reasons. One example:

I'm using Mp3tag on a folder, and I need to see how I've tagged a similar folder of files. But opening that new folder kills the old folder. I would love to be able to have both open at once.

Is it a deal-breaker? No. But it would be nice to have.

I would like to have this feature too, but you can achieve your goal in simply adding (not changing) that folder to compare.

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You can add further folders with the function in the toolbar (folder symbold with a plus) or hold down the Ctrl key while dragging and dropping a folder into MP3tag from the WIndows explorer or select any number of folders and files in the explorer and drag and drop them into MP3tag.
So a further instance is not really necessary for this kind of workflow.

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Here is a thread that also discusses the topic:

thanks @ohrenkino I know all the threads. they dont help me at all.

mp3tag is now busy for over 2 hours tagging away. I have to do something completely different because mp3tag is locked up and I really dont want to use another app for these kind of operations.

it’s not like with my 3d rendering or video processing where the apps use so many processing cycles it barely makes sense to start another instance (although I’m at least given the choice).

also, I really didnt come here to start the whole workaround, tricks thing. if this limitation cant or wont be changed, I’ll find other ways within my workflow.

hence, my original question to other users who do massive amounts of parallel processing.

what do you use to run things parallel? run another mp3tag instance in a VM or docker environment?
use another tool altogether for when mp3tag is locked up and busy? just wait it out and do other things on the side?

That's strange. I know that the threads discuss a number of pitfalls, drawbacks and right-out dangers that come along with the use of a further instance.
I would have assumed that such reasoning could have explained why the implementation is as it is.
I would have taken that as "help".
(One of the threads actually links to a way to run another instance:
Open multiple instances of MP3TAG)

The most helpful thing is a very fast SSD where you modify your tracks.
If you make your changes on a HDD (or even more worse: On a external USB-HDD) than you will be busy for all times.

I only modify my tracks on a fast (internal) SSD. This way I have never to wait 2 hours for a batch of changes.

that’s not strange at all. I’ve read all your comments pertaining to this topic and I thank you for all the helpful suggestions on how to adapt the workflow to better suit this shortcoming.

as I’ve stated, I want a scenario where I can run multiple instances or one instance and a substitute at the same time to get things done quickly.

how I can achieve this is why I started this topic.

I might try the VM way.

well, I do that for current stuff.

but I have to re-process all flacs on my NAS and some cloud stuff. funnily enough, the cloud stuff is faster than my NAS :slight_smile:

VM works. Sandboxie works. Windows Sandbox works. Killing the singleinstance handle works.

I’ll test some more to find out which way suits my needs best.

I'd LOVE a "tabbed" version of MP3tag - multiple tagging windows...


GREAT idea! Better than multiple windows (IMHO).

I dont get why people like tabs. I’m getting old I guess. tabs work on the z-axis for me. to be productive I need max information on the x and y-axis. even - and it’s not that I dont like them - in tabbed browsers I split out the tabs I need to work on and arrange them on my screen real estate as efficiently as possible.
with something like mp3tag I’d definitely prefer multiple instances over tabbing.
but, combine those two options and stuff gets done much, much faster!

Same here. But I'll take tabs over nothing.

I find this wish list a little irritating as no-one envisions how to overcome the imminent dangers and drawbacks:
The necessity to lock files.
The effect that locked files do not get processed.
That MP3tag has to update all instances of a running MP3tags all the time - and if that does not happen, coping with a lot of error messages as files could be moved, filter criteria would not match any more as the underlying data got modified - how should MP3tag react, esp. if such files were selected for further treatment in one instance but get modified in another? ...
All this. An probably much more.

And multiple instances of MP3tag would probably not speed up things ... If MP3tag mainly treats files that get accessed on the same HDD (or be it an SSD), via the same LAN interface or even in the cloud via a WAN interface, then the access is sequential (HDD = SATA = Serial AT attachement).
I don't know if anyone has ever transferred several gigabytes of data over a LAN - the WIndows explorer maintains a nice performance graphic.
And if you split the transfer as there are several folders and you transfer each folder separately in its own process, then you can see that one is active and the other ones are paused. Admittedly, every process gets its turn but the total time remains the same regardless whether the folders were transferred sequentially or allegedly "at the same time".

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I have a much different reason for wanting to have multiple instances, not tabs but separate instances with their own .ini and config files: Keeping music configuration separate from movie configuration.

"Movie configuration" you ask? MP3Tag is unsurprisingly also one of the best tools to edit MP4 and MKV files. I've set up a genres list specific to movies, which has none in common with music genres, and additional fields in tag panel which make sense only for movies, such as actors list, IMDB rating, TMDB id, etc.

Keeping 2 configurations in 1 instance is not practical though. Like others said, VM, Sandboxie, etc. do work, but why MP3Tag enforces single instance is beyond me. I remember people asking in older threads "but how would the instances synchronize between each other?" They shouldn't even try. And no "lock files" please, this is not a RDBMS on an SAP system. Even after updating a file MP3Tag doesn't keep files in exclusive lock mode, and it never should. It's not MP3Tag's duty to fix the user's lack of attention to which window he changes data in. After loading a folder an MP3tag, one could still edit the tags in another program and make the data loaded in MP3Tag out-of-date anyway. In fact I do it all the time, using Foobar2000 & MP3tag back and forth. There must be another reason why Florian doesn't want this because if up-to-dateness between multiple instances should be the reason, that's like having a text editor which wants to allow only 1 instance of itself whereas you could easily open another editor and edit the same file.

The installation as portable application already has a local settings folder structure. So you could have as many different readymade configurations as you like.
(Currently,) you can't run them at the same time, though.

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Exactly that is the problem. 1 instance system-wide is enforced. I can't fathom why for the life of me.