Run multiple instances possible?

Hi. is there a way to run the app in more than 1 instance? i sometimes need more than 1 copy running

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.1)Future option mabie? "Yes." :slight_smile:
oh and ability to install to usbstick or network drive with the prefs stored in the apps folder or registry would be kinda useful.

or you can just ignore above as its still the Best mp3 editor ive ever used

  1. It's not planned at the moment.

  2. Portable installation is already possible. See FAQ.


any update, since it is 4 years ago? i need more than one instance also.

no, everything just like before.
Perhaps, if you tell us the circumstances in which you needed it, then a modifcation in your workflow might solve the problem.

yes, i want to have one window (mp3tag) just to show all information of all 100 thousands of mp3 files
and at the same time i want to have another window (another instance of mp3 tag) where i edit only special (single) subdirectories.

to reload the complete list of 100 of thousands of files take long time, so i do not want to switch between this views.

hope that explains my need of multiple instances.

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The main problem with several instances is the need to keep the data consistent in both applications. So if you modify data in one, the other would have to be updated simultaneously.
The 100,000 tracks would probably be too many anyway. Too little memory for 32-bit applications.

But: if you want to display all files and then only a set of them, you may define a filter and toggle fairly quickly between the filtered and unfiltered view using F3. Not quite the same but definitely without the drawback of asynchronous views.

There are a couple of ways to work with single folders in Mp3tag.

The first is to load up your whole library and make sure that it is sorted by file path. When sorted like this, it's relatively easy to select a contiguous group of files from only one subfolder and to perform edits on only those files. You can use the Tag Panel (the form-like area on the left) to edit fields in all files, then hit 'Save'. Or, you can use converters, single actions, action groups, the Extended Tags dialog, etc. and the actions performed will only be applied to the selected files.

As mentioned above, prior to selecting files, you can use filtering (F3) to have Mp3tag only show file meeting some condition. But again, only selected files will be affected by any edits that you do, not all files loaded in Mp3tag.

I find that the easiest way to work with single folders (or subfolder trees) is to use Windows Explorer and use the context (right-click) menu in Explorer to launch Mp3tag with only a single folder of files. One nice thing about this is that it makes Mp3tag very fast to load. And, you don't even need to close Mp3tag between folders - each time you launch it, the new folder of files will replace the existing files.

One thing you could to do is use Mp3tag's export functionality to produce a listing of your whole library. You could use this to see where tags are missing, incorrect, etc. Then, from a Window Explorer window, you can can go through the directories, launching Mp3tag on folders as needed.

why is there this special need. i dont need this simultaneously updates. whould be great if this is configurable

there is no filter that i could use if i want to see only a special sub directory with all new albums ..... those can be different already existing artists/albums.

i need to sort the whole library NOT after the file path but i switch between several views. so this is not a solution for me.

as i wrote in my last reply there is no appropriate filter that i could use.

no i want to work on the original GUI of mp3tag, that i know and i am familiar with.

In a way we could cut this discussion rather short: it is currently not possible to have more than one instance running.
All further reasoning is only intended to deepen the insight into this decision.
Which leads me to a reply to ..

If you have 2 windows that show data from the same source and scroll through them you would expect that they show the up-to-date data - because otherwise you would not know which window shows that what is really stored in the files.
I do not know if I am right but I assume that you want to have one window for the overall view and another one that shows only a section.
You then would probably do the modifications in the windows with the smaller section.
And then return and expect the new data to be displayed in the overall window.
That is why I think there must be a simultaneous update.

How do you select these files in the first place so that (if the function was there) appear in the second window?
You sure must have a certain word or a date or any other combination of properties that characterizes the files. And if you can say that you can express it in a filter.
It is possible to check the creation date of files or look at the path and filter it for certain words - and many other possibilities.
So perhaps a deeper look at the filter syntax may emulate that what you want to do with the 2 instances.

Hmm ... I could think of a commandline switch to start Mp3tag in a complete "read-only" mode.
This would reduce the load time to a minimum, because the inner transaction system of Mp3tag needs not to be active.
Mp3tag would read the files and their tags and display the values, nothing more.
Optional tag type setup, column sorting and the filter, of course, should work.
All other tag related features should be greyed out.


This was in reference to wanting to work on a single folder. This is how it could be done in Mp3tag when you've loaded an entire library.

Again, this is to facilitate working within a single folder, if you're overwhelmed by looking at all the files, you can filter the view so that you only see a single album or a single folder.

Well, good luck with that.

Even shorter: The developer has said that it's not going to happen. End of discussion.

well, i see, there will be, even in the far future, no possibility to get this functionality not even configurable.

so i have to get some other solution for me, maybe use another tool and mp3tag, or try to find a proper filter for me, but there might be none.

what i still dont get is why the simultaneously updating is the reason for having only one instance. i mean i can have many instances that do update, or by disabling this updates do not update.

where is the problem? many tools offer multiple instances, even notepad. and i dont care if i open a file twice and edit one but the other window does not update, sometimes i want to have the old view in parallel, and not by making a copy, just by having it in memory.

hope you understand my intention.

just one last statement then i close this thread, because i just stumbled about the problem right now again.

i have some new mp3 on an external disk that i load into mp3 tag
i want to see parallel all of my old mp3 collections in another window.

for this there is no filter, because the files exist on different hard discs.

btw. i now use tagscanner portable as second tag editor. this btw is an editor that supports multiple instances.

but thx anyway discussing my problem here.

Load the files from the old collection.
Use the "Add folder" function or d&d the new files/folders from the external drive into MP3tag while holding down the Ctrl-key.
Wait until the files have been loaded.
Filter to show the files from the external drive could be (just an example):

%_path% MATCHES "^E:" OR %artist% HAS Sting

Would now show all files from drive E: plus the ones that have Sting as ARTIST, regardless where they are.
So you would see old and new ... not in separate windows - but you cannot see all files from the old collection at one glance anyway.

First, I admit your effort to help all kind of users. Very very nice.
Things are clear. Developer vs need. Developer says it is not possible. End of story.
Trying to convince people they don't need this feature because they can use some rather inconvenient workarounds is not nice either.
We all know mp3tag is very nice tool (for most of us is likely the best) and has a lot of functionality but it is not perfect (no tool can). Trying to defend it more that it deserves becomes somehow "annoying".
Good day. :slight_smile: