Run multiple instances possible?

It is a little annoying to read accusations of being "not nice" while showing (already working) alternatives.

As far as I can see by now you know a workaround for loading files from different locations.
And the good thing is: it is there right now, you don't have to wait for a future implementation.

Hi long time since I posted the OP,
I did find a way to achieve what I wanted by modifying the EXE

Then I discovered "sandboxie" anyone still looking for this feature should give sandboxie a try - if you register it you can modify the sandbox settings to give direct access to files.

even with an unregistered version its still handy to have as a separate view when needed

hope this is useful...

EDIT: obviously a multiple instance version would still be a much needed feature

I did, around a year ago in a thread started by me

Now I don't even remember why I needed a second instance in the first place

At one time wave file support was also not planned but now we have it. :laughing: So it is always worth it to keep on asking for a feature. Who knows what the future may bring! :slight_smile:

So I will ask for...

  1. Multiple instance support - maybe only by a command line switch to keep beginners from getting into trouble.


  1. Read-only mode idea as suggested by DetlevD previously

Is the concern that we try to write to the same file simultaneously? Should we limit the expert user to protect the beginner?

I still do not think that the general problem is that of beginners or more experienced users.
I can think of several occasions where more than one instance of MP3tag do not lead to any advantage:
Examples with no claim for completeness:

Instance 1 has a filter, you edit in instance 2 so that either the filter in view 1 matches (again) or does not match - expected behaviour?

You have loaded a folder in instance 1, edit files in instance 2 so that the files are moved to the folder that is displayed in instance 1 - expected behaviour?

You start an action in instance 1 and start another action in instance 2 and the actions lead to the result that files cannot be handled by the other action as the e.g. replacing strings do not find a match any more. Is that as you expect it?

Files are usually not blocked so that the last edit wins... and so on. MP3tag is "the universal tag editor" - so it is all about editing, not merely viewing.

I found that iTunes or WMP display complete libraries just as nice and allow to list certain files e.g. to keep the names of artists consitent. I then transfer that list to MP3tag and edit the tags there. For me and my workflow, there is no need to have further instances.

(ah, yes, the updating: WMP frequently updates its library if you edit files with MP3tag - this leads just as frequently to locked files. And iTunes does not do anything like it. So you have to do it manually (or with scripts) which - for me - leads to exactly the shortcomings I described at the beginning.

You are assuming that the same files would be loaded into both instances, which an experienced user would never contemplate.

And when advocating or the second instance, one could argue that such writing already can happen outside Mp3tag

In my workflow of editing audio, tagging files and moving them to their destination, I often run into such problems: I load old and new versions of files; or move some files in file explorer and end up with a "broken" list in Mp3tag

Having a second instance opened would require from me as much attention to what I am doing, as now when working with only one. [And that attention is something that I appparently lack]

i'm also missing that.

especially when i need to copy Tags from one file to another and they are in different locations its a pain in the a** because you cannot open files from several locations at the same time(?).

In this case i would need 2 windows so i can copy tags and paste to another intance...

The following functions exist at the moment to open files from different locations:

Open the Windows Explorer, select the 2 locations and drag them both in one go into the MP3tag window

Open the Windows Explorer, select the first location, drag it into the MP3tag window, navigate in Windows explorer to the next location and drag it to the MP3tag window while pressing the Ctrl-key. This can be repeated for further locations.

Open a first location from within MP3tag with the "open folder function", add further folders with the "add folder" function.

I think that this offers a lot of flexibility for various workflows without the need to have a second instance of MP3tag.

Having all the files in one instance of MP3tag also removes any ambiguities when you try to copy tags:
If you have copied data in the first instance of MP3tag and also copied data in the second instance of MP3tag and you now paste data ... which data do you expect to appear: the data local to each instance? Or the lhe last data that has been copied?

Using filters and sorting should cater for data to be copied from file to file or even group of files to group of files.

Are you assuming that i need special education to edit mp3 tags? No.

Fuck me! Do you have a button with a "copy" that does not copy to the windows clipboard, and you believe there can be no ambiguity? Do you have the special education?

Who are you trying to convince me or yourself?

God created the multi-tasking operating system, so we can run multiple instances.

Reply goes to both you angry user :slight_smile: and mp3tag "representative" Herr ohrenkino.
Personally I have been several times in need of multiple (only 2 actually) instances. I am very experienced user including creation of very complex scripts. I am not convinced this feature is not needed nor I would "die" to have it in place. It is a fair request from the other users in this thread.

I could understand at certain point the technical restriction (mp3tag has a buffer and a list if settings and a stack of actions can be undone). Mp3tag first fills the buffer then all actions are based on the values loaded to buffer. This is something to be considered. Stack goes to windows explorer as well. You rename a file in an window and the name is updated in all instances. You undo the action in the first window and the other window is updated automatically (although you cannot undo from another window if i'm not mistaken).
Detlev came with rather the best proposal given the circumstances: allow a read-only additional instance.
Florian should give a solution to this issue.
I have to say I have pointed some bugs already 2,5 years now without any reply (or at least justification it is 'NOT" a bug). Hopefully it will soon arrive.
Happy tagging. Be calm(er). :slight_smile:

I'm stepping in here and close the topic, as it has taken a direction that is not in line with the tone and style I and many more users are trying to maintain on these forums.

I'm aware of the wish to run multiple instances. I can understand that it would be really helpful for some users. However, it's not planned at the moment.

Victor Kostas:
ohrenkino is not an Mp3tag representative. Even if you put this in quotes, it's still wrong.