Running Multiple Instances of MP3Tag

Is it possible to run more than 1 instance of MP3tag? How do I do it?


Hi... seven years later.....

Still need to run multiple instances. Particullary, to compare directories, that have collection of music updated in one or another of those directories

The answer is still the same:
It is not possible.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

To be able to look at different directories at the same time, whether related to each other or not, without having to change directories. Perhaps, one instance is looking at a directory with 100,000 files in it, and it took several hours to scan. If I want to look at any other directory, then come back to this one, I'd have to wait for it to scan all over again.

Directory comparison, as stated above.

Can't imagine this is a big deal to accomplish.

Do you really want to compare directories by hand?
What about a filter to see 2 directories at once?
%_directory% IS a OR %_directory% IS b
Using the library usually speeds up the loading process - unless the file access is the bottleneck.

Or.. idk... Just be able to have more than one instance of MP3Tag running at once. Why is that so difficult to pull off? There are some people that would actually use it.

The library speeds up the loading, to a point, but it still does not solve the initial issue of being able to look at 2 or more different directories at the same time, but in different windows.

Ok, I have... 30 folders, each one for an album of whatever artist.
Most of them are oldies (Rush, moving pictures), so I have worked to make them beautiful (500x500 cover, id2.4 tag, title + album + artist tag)

I have 4 copies of this albums: Home PC + Office note + SD Car 1 + SD Car 2 (wifes car)

Theory would say: "Allways make changes in your main PC... then copy the modified albums to the rest of the reposteries"

But, shame on me, I modified on different places....

So, I thought, have 3 instances opened (Main home PC + SD car 1 + SD car2)
and check folder by folder the best version, and propagate it.

The topic has been discussed to a fair extent in this thread:

Note to Florian: I don't know about the code required, but wouldn't the problem of keeping the tags synchronized be solved by locking the files selected in the first instance? And then locking the files selected in the second instance if a third instance is opened? And wash, rinse, repeat...

As soon as another instance is opened and displays the same files as a previous one and these files then get manipulated in the more recently opened instance, then not all files would be modified as they are locked by a previous one.
So one would have to repeat the same manipulation in (all) the previous instances to get it saved to all files.
This does not look very beneficial to me.
The discussion was started in days when large collections could not be loaded into MP3tag. With the introduction of the library feature this short coming is a thing of the past (for most collections).
I still think that the use of the filter will lead to success in most cases.

Seems like you should invest some time once in learning and setting up rsync or something similar.

Even though a manual compare is the best source for errors, I would still think that loading all the files from the various locations into one instance and then sort by the various fields would still get a better overview than switching between windows (here: 4 of them!).
Also, it would be easier to select the files that need modifcation and the already modified master and then use the correct item from the dropdown list. This saves you the bother of copy&then paste 3 times. So the already existing approach would cover the needs of the dispersed data keeping, probably even better than splitting up into instances.

Hi long time since I posted the other OP that appears to now be locked!

The remedy I posted below is what I use

-[From other Thread]-
I did find a way to achieve what I wanted by modifying the EXE (I no longer do this)

Then I discovered "sandboxie" anyone still looking for this feature should give sandboxie a try - if you register it you can modify the sandbox settings to give direct access to files.

Sandboxie is now 100% FREE and offers a solution for this issue.

hope this is useful...

obviously a multiple instance version would still be a prefered feature but the workaround above does what I need it may be of use to you also.

I just had a thought - what about tabbed instances? Like explorer tabs within IE, but within MP3Tag? Multiple tabs, all with a tag panel, a filter, and a main window?

Y’know, while we’re wishing...

So, just an every few year reminder, so I'm putting my 2cents in that we NEED "multi-instance" support for Mp3tag...

Why, because this is a DATA related program, and sometimes you just NEED to "compare" the data of two files.

For example, my recent learning about all this tag business, putting together my music collection finally, and dealing with various programs has caused me to discover that developers are incompetent...

  • Audacity destroy's Tags and Images on save.
  • CyberLink Audio Director also destroys tags and images on save.
  • and of all things, MusicBee INTENTIONALLY for both ID3 2.3 and 2.4 "replaces" our preferred separators with backward slashes on Save... entirely ruining our separator systems. Might be fine for those using 2.4, but NOT fine for those of us using 2.3. It entirely ruins consistency between programs.

It makes me happy Mp3tag understands that I want the separators I want, and that "forcing" others on us isn't the best standard.

Anyway, +1 for Multi-Instance support for Mp3tag...

p.s. Did I read correctly in the other thread that if we use the "Portable" version that we CAN then have "multi-instance" support? He sort of implied it?