No untranslated strings at the moment.

Thank you, nickless!


Updated for 2.45 :music:

Btw. there is an inconsistency in the English translation, the "Tag Panel" is called "Tag input mask" in

_C_MNU_SB_VIEW_ID3 Show/hide the tag input mask (12.8 KB)


Thanks for the update and for pointing to the inconsistency!

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Hi guys,

I was thinking of ways to contribute to the development of this awesome program, but unfortunately I don't know how to code. :unsure: However, I am a native Russian speaker and I was thinking of helping out with the Russian translation. Its seems that the current translation seems to be up to date and I doubt the newly released 2.45c version has any new language strings. But if an update is released that has new language strings, feel free to email me about this issue and I might be able to contribute to the Russian translation of mp3tag.




Attachment 3851 not found._C_MNU_FS_REMALL Remove all from history...
_C_MNU_FS_REMALL_MSG Are you sure that you want to remove all items?
_M_STR_TAGFIELDS_REMOVEALL Remove all fields...
_M_STR_TAGFIELDS_REMOVEALLMSG Are you sure that you want to remove all fields from the list?
_M_STR_TAGFIELDS_RESET Reset fields...
_M_STR_TAGFIELDS_RESETMSG Are you sure that you want to reset the fields list to its default (12.8 KB)


Ошибки локализации (слова с ошибками выделены жирным):

P.S. Орфографическим словарём рекомендуется использовать написание "тег", а не "тэг". -


Many thanks for the updates! Can you send me a correct language file, so I'll include it with the next release.

Kind regards


Thank you! Got your email.