Same filename to multiple tags

Hello to all,

I would like to have the same directory structure apply to the same tags.

for example I want :
RockPop\Artist (feat artist1) (feat artist2) (etc) - Title

To apply to genre = rockpop
Album = rockpop and artist
albumartist = (feat artist)
and title = title

all this is one go.

is it possible ?

Have a look at the FAQs:

sorry but this does not answer my question. I already do this technique but i run it twice because i need the same parent folder to be used twice and i need the album tag to be a combination of two entries. both album and artist.

Duplicating data means that you have to copy it somehow.
So more than one step is needed.
If you already have data in the fields, I would suggest that you use actions of the type "Format value" to add further text or the contents of tag fields.

the problem i am having is that if i have multiple feat artists, mp3tag doesnt compute

%album%%artist% (%albumartist%) (%albumartist) - %title%

if i have only one (feat) then it will not take into acount the formula

I do not think that

will ever work - I bet that only one piece of data will be taken for ALBUMARTIST.
I would import everything of

Then I would create an action of the type "Guess value" with
Source: $replace($regexp(%artist%',(.*?) \((.*)\),$1==$2),') (',\\)
Target string: %artist%==%albumartist%
This would then split the ARTIST field into 1 ARTIST and several fields of the type ALBUMARTIST.
It should work from just one featured artist to several.
You see the multi-value field in the extended tags dialogue.
I am not sure that several albumartists are a valid format.