Save any changes when the selection changes - How to disable

It seems the new default is to display a warning when making a change, but then going on to another file. I've looked for how to disable this new feature and always ignoring any change I've made when looking at a new file (I've trained myself to always do a SAVE if I want that change saved). I have all warning messages disabled in the MESSAGES option, but still get that warning about wanting to save that change. Is there some option to have the program behave the way it used to?


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I should have thought of that when adding that feature. I'll come up with a way to disable that message with the next release.

So far it's only possible by enabling auto-saving of changes — which is probably not what you're looking for :smiley:

Thanks for pointing!

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I've added a new option to Options → Messages with the latest beta version Mp3tag v3.08a that allows for disabling the warning message.