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I've an important question according the saving of the evaluation of a song: I want to format my Harddisk, but I want to save my iTunes evaluations (stars) that I've made. Is it possible with MP3Tag; or how can I save my evaluations in order to burn my tracks on a DVD, format my Harddisk and then put the tracks on my Harddisk again including my former evaluations??? Is it actually possible? I would highly appreciate every kind of hints and solutions...

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If you know the name of the field where iTunes stores that information (you can find out by opening a track with Mp3tag and viewing all tag fields by using ALT+T or :mt_tag:), you can create an export configuration that creates a plain-text file with one file per line. In order to import the rating back, use the :mt_tff: Text file - Tag Converter.

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So the best thing is probably to use some js or vbs scripts for this because reimporting ratings in the database is only possible this way.

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