Save to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1


I've found very useful to have multiple variants for saving tags in ID3v2. But saving not ISO-8859-1 characters with "Save to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1" options enabled gives unreadable result. I suggest slightly change behaviour of this action - add (swithable) warning about losing information after such conversion. It's also possible add new option like "Save to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 when possible" and authomatically decide about the possibility of lossless conversion to iso-8859-1. In latter case current behaviour better rename to "forced" variant (w/ or w/o swithable warning).

There are many english singing bands have only ASCII letters (rarely iso-8859-1) in there names, album and track titles. Unicode is not needed for such tags. But for national bands in non-english countries Unicode in v2.3 or v2.4 tags is required. And it's not very handy switch back and forth the variants of ID3v2.3.

For me UTF-8 is the best solution but some (really many for now) hardware players do not understand ID3v2.4 yet. :frowning:


Why switch back and forth between the tag variants ?
I would recommend that you use v2.4 UTF-8 and that you also additionally add
a v1 tag.

That way, on the computer, you have all the benefits
that come with Unicode, and the hardware players can still read the v1 tag.
Being limited to 30 caracters is a problem with v1 tags, but IMHO this has no real
impact when it comes to usage on portable players because, seriously, on those
small screens it doesn't really matter if the final charcters get chopped off.
Just my 2cents, though.


Well, it may be good solution for my Samsung YP-MT6 as it completely ignores ID3v2.4 and has some troubles with Unicode strings in ID3v2.3. But ID3v1 works good if select corresponding display language (and I get translated menu also).

But I still suggest to add warning about losing chars or/and smart variant of saving.


After new firmware release for my YP-MT6 there is no problem with ID3v2.3 UTF-16 tags anymore. And also offtopic linux tagger EasyTag for now can work only with ID3v2.3, not v2.4. And till Samsung developers and EasyTag author will add support of ID3v2.4 preferred tag version for me is ID3v2.3 (w/o ID3v1).

Did Mp3Tag author see above suggestion? Maybe any comments?


Florian is very busy with his diploma at the moment.


Sorry for annoying just afraid the topic will be lost in the depth of forum and Florian simply miss it.


Don't worry, that's impossible! Florian reads every post, he will reply to you when he finds some free time.
You must be more patient.


Hi there,
I just noticed that you're having a problem with ISO tags and I was having the same issue too.
I don't know if my condition is similar to yours, just thought to let you know you're not alone.
What confused me was the fact that version 2.32 didn't have a problem with that, maybe because it was supporting native codepage, but then again it didn't support any kind of unicode.
Well now if I really, for some particular bizarre reason, want to have native codepage I go to that version but since I'm not using Winamp anymore (well rarely, and that's what made me see the problem in the first place) and I switched to Foobar, I am a happy person! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry to bump such an old thread, I did notice it was old, it's just that Florian is busy right now and I thought this might help.