Saving Itunes rating and counter


Fisrt thanks for that wonderful soft ! After trying audiograil, godfather and tag & rename, I really appreciate using Mp3tag.

I wanted to know if it's possible to save itunes rating and counter in V2.3 tags ? And how can I do that ? I heard of POPULARIMETER tags but don't know how it works or make it works.

Thank you very much for your answer

May I ask what's the purpose of this?

Well sorry if it wasn't clear

I heard of POPM ; popularimeter tags. I heard that you can stock in them ratings and counters.
In Itunes, you can rate music and count the number of times a mp3 has been read, but I don't know where theses informations are stocked, if they are stocked in popularimeter tag ?
Can you please explain me how can I display the popularimeter tags using mp3tag ?

Yes, this tag can store play count and rating, but iTunes doesn't use it. The info from iTunes is only stored in its database.

If you had a file with a popularimeter tag, it could be seen in the extended tag view that can be opened by pressing [Alt+T] or clicking the :mt_tag: button.

If you still want to have this info in the tag, it could probably work because iTunes can export the database to csv.

OK thanks

So, how can I create the standard popularimeter tag (no@email|205|0) and, using the itunes database export, do you please know how I can do to import the itunes infos in popularimeter tags for my whole library ? I have an idea, using List of tags - File -> Tags but it would be very long, doing that mp3 by mp3. Is it possible to do that massively ?

Thank you for your answer

Yes, List of tags - File - tags (or Text file - Tag is the new name) is how it can be done. It works for all the files at one time.

The steps are:
Have all files shown in the itunes library. Then click "File > Export" and choose the txt format.

The new textfile then needs to be renamed to .csv and importet in a spreadsheet program like Excel or OpenOffice.

In the spreadsheet program we go to the column with the file paths on the right and select all its entries and copy to clipboard. Then make a new normal text file in windows and paste the info.
This text file then gets renamed to *.m3u

Again in the spreadsheet program we serch the two coumns with the play count and rating info.
We make a new spreadsheet file and paste the two columns in it. This spreadsheet then gets exported to csv, with coma as text delimiter.

Now we can load the m3u-file in Mp3tag (that makes sure the files are in the same order as the play count and rating info).
Select all files, open "Convet > Text file - Tag" and browse for the csv file with play count and rating.
I suggest to use 2 temporary fields first before finally using popularimeter.
The format string could be
%play count%,%rating%

Finally you have all the info stored in %play count% and %rating% and can use them to fill %popularimeter% with a "Format value" action.


Well you know what ?


I tried what you told me and used mediamonkey to check what I did (as I read mediamonkey used popularimeter tag) and it works perfectly for rating ! When I modify rating in mediamonkey and refresh tags in mp3tag, rating is modified in mp3tag, and conversely. But for counter, it doesn't work maybe because mediamonkey doesn't use the part "counter" of the popularimeter tag...
Anyway, what I wanted was to find a standard way to stock ratings and counters and I have now the answers to my questions ! Hope that Itunes will use popularimeter tag in the future !

Thank you for that "excellentissime" software and thank you very much DANO for your help !

Easier way
this is a javascrit I wrote it runs on itunes (this is itunes windows)

it takes the rating from the itunes library and divides it by 20 ( rating of 5 is stored as 100 in the database) then saves it in the bpm and comment fields

I choses those fields becasue they do exist initunes and I dot use them otherwise.
it would be easy to do a tag to tag mappin and move them to popularity tag.

it would also be easy to do ther reverse. add them to the library and then run this script and move the bpm back into the rating

var iTunesApp = WScript.CreateObject("iTunes.Application");
var mainLibrary = iTunesApp.LibraryPlaylist;
var mainLibrarySource = iTunesApp.LibrarySource;
var tracks = mainLibrary.Tracks;
var numTracks = tracks.Count;
var i;
var j;
WScript.Echo("copying ratngs to comments");
// FIXME take a -v parameter eventually
var verbose = false;

// first, make an array indexed by album name
var albumArray = new Array();

for (i = 1; i <= numTracks; i++)
var CurrTrack = tracks.Item(i);
var rating= CurrTrack.rating;

if (rating != 0)
	CurrTrack.comment ="rating:"+rating/20
	CurrTrack.bpm =rating/20


WScript.Echo("updated " + j+ " comments.");

In case anyone wants to fully transfer stats from iTunes>FB2K

I've created a full HOW-TO thread over on their forum:,1144....html#msg943185

It explains an easier way to extract any data type from iTunes to supplement this thread.