Saving text to notepad and excel

when i import an album,how do i save the text to notepad and excel before i begin to remove the tags ?

You can use the Export feature via Ctrl+E, e.g., with the CSV export. Please make sure to include all the fields you need to export.

As an example, if you also want to export genre values, add ;%genre% to the line with the other placeholders in the CSV export configuration.

im sorry,but i dont understand?
where is the csv export ?
i highlighted contents of directory hit cntl+E and notepad appeared in source folder with 5 columns of "dashes" all the way down?
thanks for helping but can you elaborate please?

Are we talking about the same program "Mp3tag"?
Ctrl-E opens the dialogue to select an export script - and not Notepad.
In this dialogue select the CSV script - and edit it if you need to append the list of fields.

If you feel uneasy about this approach ... perhaps it is not really necessary to remove the complete tag but simply edit specific fields.

all ok now on that problem thanks for your help.
one question please.
when i clear the directory,next time i use mp3tag it reloads
after each session how do i clear it for good!
what am i doing wrong?

thanks for your help

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