Script for ripping genre, year & record label from

First Post.

I'm a total noob when it comes to scripting in mp3tag.

If someone out there has it already or if you can point me in the right direction on how to write scripts that would be great.

The script basically is needed as I have a large amount of house/prog House and is genre named incorrectly with some of them having the year missing as well.

So a script. Could be a simple one. I dunno, but basically to get the genre, year & record label from


It's not possible to write a script for beatport because their site uses flash.
You can only write scripts when you can view all the information you want in the code of the site.

This isn't true at all. Beatport offers API to fetch data from its database:

Beatport API

I've started learning how to script Web Sources search just today, so it's slightly beyond my skills to do proper search plugin but... here ya go...

I maybe able to help shortly, see my post here

Thanks guys for the info, at least its possible. Would love to have the skills to get this going. Already have the script to get the artwork so if that was combined with the info from BP it would be sooo good.

hi there monty68,
any update on the script, i have noticed that Beatport beta now uses html 5 which might make it easier to make scripts for title, artist and album search. Thanks

try this on for size.

i might update it if i notice anything obviously wrong, but it works for me.

Good work! Works fine.
Good from you to cut "Original Mix" away, which is just a Beatport thing.

I noticed in a few quick test, that MIXARTIST is often not found. I think, it is only found if <performer ref="Remixer" comes before <performer ref="Artist" inside the section. But that is not always the case. I think you need some mechanisms to search for a second <performer if the first is not <performer ref="Remixer"
For example at this release:
the MIXARIST is only found for track 3 where it stands before the artist. Track 2 & 4 also have a MIXARTIST, but for some reason it comes after the artist.

Another thing I wonder is why you write the Calalog # to DISCOGS_CATALOG? I would change this to CATALOG #, which is more standard, I think.

Hey pone, thanks for the feedback!

Nice pickup on the mixartist, I've updated the script now and I think I've got them all. Actually had to use some regex magic for that, but it makes for a better script I think.

I used the discogs_catalog tag because it was in the discogs script I was referencing. I figured people using the discogs one would want to be consistent with their tagging of catalog numbers. Is 'catalog #' really standard? I can't find it in any ID3 definition, although I have seen it mentioned before. Is it used elsewhere?

New one at:

There's a few more tweaks in this one too: the inclusion of the official release date in the releasetime tag, and it now finds 20 albums instead of 10 in the initial search.

Works fine now. Good work again!

I don't think "catolog #" is real standard, at least not acording to the "official" ID3 definitions. But I think it is used by many online music stores, what makes it de facto standard. I think beatport itself is using it also.

But you can leave that as you want, of course. It's easy to edit the script. I also changed "Various Artists" to "va" in the script, just a matter of personal taste.

As far as I can see, there is no way to get the BPMs from beatports API, although it is displayed at the normal release page under

And another thing I'm wondering about at your script: why have you included the tag field "tracknumber"? With outputto "tracks" the tracknumber is already written to the "track" tag field.

Well, I updated it again based on your feedback.

I'm putting the catalog number into both "catalog #" and "discogs_catalog" - certainly can't hurt having that in two places.

I know what you mean with using "Va", personally I still can't stay consistant between "Various Artists" and "Various". Hopefully this will glue me to "Various Artists". Considering making that a constant somehow.. not much point, it's easy to find.

Yeah it's a pity Beatport don't make the bpm (and the key) available through querying the release object. I highly recommend using MixMeister's free BPM Analyser for your BPMs, it'll detect and auto-populate the BPM tag, and it's very fast (and pretty accurate, generally).

Thanks for the advice with tracknumber, I see that tracks automatically adds that now, so I took it out. Didn't understand that before!

Here's the new one:;can=2&q=

Nothing more to improve.

The only thing I will maybe add personally is a action wich replaces artist names like "artist 1, artist 2" with "artist 1 & artist 2". But i will have a action group for that because I will have to check if the Comma is part of the name or not.

Hey jaimz, great work!

This is just what I've been looking for :slight_smile: Seems to work fine so far!
What about adding a track and remix search to the script?
So many times the release name doesn't match the track name, and most commonly you don't have the entire release. So entering the track name + remixer will give you a list of the releases the track is included on.

Hey trutru

Yeah I can do that.

Check out

I now have two files in there. See if that works for you.

nice, this is really gonna save me some time. thanks for that :slight_smile:

Well, I downloaded the zip file, extracted the two files to the right directory, and the program hasn't changed at all. I'd expect two new options under the "Tag sources" menu, but nothing.

Am I not looking at the right place?

If you use Windows 7 or Vista you need to extract the files to C:\Users"Username"\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources\

Nice one, thanks. I had extracted them to the same folder but through the "Program files" route. Beatport now appear in the menus.

Thanks again

Thank you soooo much jaimz, your a star... btw how glad am I to see beatport html 5!! Sweet looking site now :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if this was possible to do the following easily?

Its a personal thing I have asked for according to my workflow, but you can never have enough information in your tags :slight_smile: hopefully these changes will be of use to others too.

DISCNUMBER is 1/1 DISCOGS MEDIATYPE as WEB WWW be the url of the release e.g. DISCOG_RELEASE ID be ...s-remixes/399988 UNSYNCED LYRICS be 'Exclusive to' if its exclusive REALEASE TIME as YEAR instead (Just my workflow as it works better with Traktor Pro, DJ app) (Original Mix) to (OM) Extended to Xtd

add the catalog # to the end of the album like: Serious (Remixes) [MM9330] with closed angle brakets like [ ]
Any is their any way to get theCOUNTRY of release?

I've also spotted a naming error (highlighted blue) in the scripts so i renamed them
&beatport#&by release.scr to &Beatport#By &Release.scr

&beatport#&by Track.scr to &Beatport#By &Track.scr

Because when I went alt,S,B
I had no further option to trigger the action

Thank you again for the time and effort you put into this great script.

credit goes to jaimz, i'm sure you meant him :slight_smile: