Script To Find Filenames Not Matching ID3 Tag

I did a search for this but couldn't find any info.

If I want to find filenames that don't match their ID3 tag info, how can I do that?

Example, if I have a file named

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.m4a

but the tag was

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were.m4a, how would I do that?

Can you also include how to do it case sensitive?

Thank you

Do you want "case sensitive" or "case insensitive" comparison?

Your example shows, that your are interested to detect differences between filenames, but not about any tag content. Is that right?
If so, then you can sort the list of files by filename.
You will see similar names standing together about each other.


I'm interested in detecting differences between only tag (artist and title) and filename (Artist - Title.m4a), not necessarily other content. Maybe once I see how it's done between filename and tag (artist and title), I can throw in other content (album and track, for example) as I see fit. Case sensitive isn't really that important, but would be a 'nice to have' feature.

Ok, one step to do is now clear.
As an option do you want 'case insensitive', what means 'upper/lower case does not matter'?

See there ...
Simple Soundex Calculator
... if you can adapt the 'Simple Soundex Calculator' to your needs.

(?) See there ...
Fehler quittieren
... if you can adapt the 'duplicates finder' to your needs.
Once the true duplicates are known, you know the different files too.

Well, you can try other methods how to compare text data.
At first you can split the filename (artist - title) into two parts and store each part into one helper tagfield, e. g. 'artist' -> ARTIST_FN, and 'title' -> TITLE_FN.

In Mp3tag listview create two columns for the new tagfields.
Arrange the new columns beside the columns for the standard tagfields ARTIST and TITLE.

Sort the listview by the term %ARTIST%%ARTIST_FN%
Now you can visually detect differences between the tagfields ARTIST and ARTIST FN.

Apply the same method for the tagfield TITLE.

Also it should be possible to compare the complete filename against the combination of ARTIST and TITLE.
Sort the listview by %_FILENAME% and compare the 'filename' data with the 'artist-title' data.