script to input character(s) to any field of choice?

I have a section in my library I label as [UNOFFICIAL] and I created an action group that would pre-define what should be placed in what field. One problem is I like to add the actual word itself "[UNOFFICIAL]" to the end of the %title% field. I couldn't find any scripting function that would be able to do that.

You can use such a format string ...



Yours is one of the FAQs: /t/967/1

Thank you. My question was found in the FAQs listed under

How do I append the string " xyz" to the content of a tag-field?


With an action of the type "Format value" for that field.
The format string for e.g. TITLE would then be:
%title% '[UNOFFICIAL]'

In your case you have to put the [ in ' as it otherwise would be treated as an indicator for optional information.

Actually not in my case. I have it set up like how DetlevD posted:


where I need that extra space between the end of %title%.
This is working for me because I don't have any other functions added so the bracket and the placement of the apostrophe is not an issue.