Search and replace/delete function missing

Impressed by the functionalty of this program, I'm missing the so called

search< and >search and replace< function.
At the moment I'm converting all my CDs into MP3-files with the idea in mind to get me a car radio, which understands and displays ID3-TAG infos.

I retrieve the infos like title, interpret, album etc. with NERO 6 from
Some of this info is a bit messy like some giving the info

interpret title<, >interpret<, >album<. In this case I have to delete the interpret, which was added to the title of the song.

Additionally I've got a question:

Why do groups like "Johnny & The Hurricanes" appear as
"Johnny && The Hurricanes" ? Is there any reason??

Your quick reply will be appreciated.

You can get the info from freedb via Mp3tag too, where you can specify a formatstring which splits artist/title combination to the right tag fields.

Otherwise you have to use some replace with regular expression actions. You can find a description of this feature in Mp3tag's help file or the FAQ.

Can't reproduce it here. I think you only have to remove the double ampersand and save the tag.

Best regards,
~ Florian

The double ampersand makes sense only in a certain context. Certain controls on forms translate a single ampersand into an underscore, so the string must be converted to display correctly. How many times have you seen "Johnny _the Hurricanes" in programs where the programmer neglected to do this? I suppose there is always a chance that one of these ampersand fixes could permanently change a string in a rare situation if the programmer is not careful.