Search Tag Source by Artist and Title

Hi - I am looking for ways to import music tag data not from Album (as it seems the default option is) but from Artist and Title (I have Album field empty, so it is not importing anything), so that Year, Genre, Album Artist, and Album are imported? Or perhaps it could somehow search from the file name, which is organized as Artist - that possible at all? I am kind of new with this stuff, please provide instructions if the answer to my question is yes. Thanks a lot for your help and inputs.

I think that one of the discogs scripts allows to search by title and artist.

As for the other things just something to think about:
The combination of artist and title is not really unique as the same title could appear on the single, the maxi, an album, the greatest hits, the golden hits, the live album, a top twenty collection and so on. You would have to identify which is the likely version.
If you have artist and title in the filename, then use the Convert>filename-tag function to import the data first into the tags and then use a tag source - with all the limitations I already described.


I have the same situation. for some of my files, I have set the same album name to "vinyl case". So when I use tag source I would like to search by title and artist rather than album name...
How can I edit the discog script ?

thanks a lot


It is a plain text file, so even the Windows editor can edit them.
You should enter the correct album name - or if this does not matter, then treat the file like an EP and copy the TITLE to ALBUM and use the album search.