Searhing artist in compilation albums

Using a Samsung Tab A v7 API=24 firmware
NAS uses Twonky
All albums ripped with DBPoweramp.
There seems to be a problem with the search function when searching for an artist within compilation albums.
Whether I use mconnect player HD or HiFi Cast or Bose Soundlink apps on a tablet or phone.
If I search using an actual song name it will display the song I am after whether on the compilation albums or "normal" artist folders.
My music library is divided into folders. Usually when its one artist only ie Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles etc all their albums will be under that album artist folder.
For compilation albums I called the album artist something like 50s 60s 70s Compilations or Blues Compilation Albums or Christmas Music etc etc. instead of the default Various.
If I search for an artist the search will display the artist's tracks and albums from the non compilation albums but will leave out the tracks associated with the compilation album folders.
If I use a PC with a music program like JRiver and use the same music files from the same NAS the search function works fine and displays everything expected.
I would like to get an understanding of why the search does not work when searching artists with respect to compilation albums.
Not sure if I am doing anything wrong or others are seeing the same issue?
Hopefully someone has the answer or a workaround :slight_smile:
I have hundreds of compilation albums.....
Can see afew topics about this but not sure if there is a solution? Maybe I missed it perhaps..
Just tried and was able to do an artist search if I change the track title to the form artist - track in the metadata
from title "Unchained Melody" to "Righteous Brothers, The - Unchained Melody"
the Album Artist Field still stayed as it was for the Compilation Folder.
So puting the artist first into the title gets to be able to search artist in a compilation.
While this is a step forward I would not like having to changed the 5000 or so compilation tracks in my collection individually.
Search still seems to find the song name "Unchained Melody" still even though the title is "Righteous Brothers, The - Unchained Melody"
Maybe changing this will possibly effect something else...???
It would be nice if there was a simpler way around this.

What do the short-comings of players have to do with MP3tag?

If you want to append a string or field to the contents of another field, see the FAQs:

If you really add the artist to the TITLE field, then consider to use a different separator between the 2 bits of data like the underscore - this would make it easier to separate the data later on, when you switch to players that can deal with compilations and you want to get clean fields back. The hyphen is also frequently part of the title so it may lead to unwanted results.

You could also see if setting the field COMPILATION to 1 helps your players to identify compilations.

Not saying the shortcoming has anything to do with mp3tag at all.
Thought as this is a forum..I was just asking a question.
Sorry to trouble.
Compilation is set to 1 for all albums.
Don't really want to do anything to the title...just experimenting..
Too many titles to think of trying this to all.
Seems to be a problem with a lot of apps for mobile devices using android etc.
Trying to understand how / what the search functions are searching on.
Most player support sites are not the best responders once they get your money....
Thanks for answering at least

An action or even the function Convert>Tag-Tag works on all selected files in one go.
So if you use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE with the
Format string: %artist% _ %title%
it is just with one mouse-click and done faster than you could ever do manually.
There are probably more ways to deal with your problem.
That is why I ask where you see the role of MP3tag in solving your problem.

Thanks.. appreciated.
Thats right I was looking at seeing whether mp3tag could assist if I chose to use its functionality.
So would this string be able to change all the various titles to include artist
so it would pull the field from the artist metadata and add it to the title with and underscore as you suggested?
I will give it a try aon a few compilation albums

The function Convert>Tag-Tag has a preview.
And yes, it would

Thanks again :):smiley:

That does work...wonder what music apps look at compilations properly without having to change this from the original rip..
Anyway at least theres a workaround.
Can't believe that if you search on artist it doesn't look in the artist field then it would not matter if it was a compilation or normal album.

When you have found one and you want to get rid of the artist part in title, use an action of the type "Guess value" for
Source: %title%
Pattern: %dummy% _ %title%
This removes the part in front of the underscore.

Fantastic...just looked at's effect when using JRiver player on the PC just doubles up the artist name in the track title
ie changes the track name to
Righteous Brothers, The_Righteous Brothers, The - Unchained Melody
Have to make a decision...mabe have two different versions of my music library 2TB to use for table/phone apps and one for PC players or lobby the app guys to see if they can address it.