Second Art Cover for Bonus Album

Hi, I have an album with a bonus album inside. It has a different art cover. Is it possible to set a main art cover for the album and other for the bonus album? (only for the songs of the bonus album)
Thanks in advance.

MP3 files support a number of various covers, not just the front cover.
And also it si possible to embed a different picture in every file.

What your player makes of it depends a lot on the player features.

How I do that? I need a different picture for three tracks.

You embed new the pictures just like you embedded the other ones,
either with functions in the tag panel or the extended tags dialogue or with an action of the type "Import cover from file".

Thanks for your answer but I don´t see nothing like "import cover from file" in the software.

How did you import the first cover?
Anyway: see e.g. here:

Can it be that you till now only saved your covers in the way of importing from a websource? (Tag sources -> Cover Art-> ...)