Second Sort


As you noticed, I'm new using this software, and I find it: THE MOST COMPLETE IN THE MARKET, so thank you all, developers and supporters. But I'm trying to improve my skills using it, and that gives me lots of doubts...

Here come a new question:

How can I make second sort column runs automatically, as example, I have files ordered by album, but I need, that the order for each album sorted by release time. I've discovered that, if I click on the release time column, then on the album column, this order is what I need for that list, however, if I change directory, or even if I refresh, the sorting list is only ordered by the column active in that moment, and the second sort is assigned to file name always !!!

How can I make the second sort permanent???


You could create a column that has as value both fields that you want to use.
e.g. enter as value
Do not enter anything in "field".

Ahhaaa, that's it, an ingenious way to do it... :slight_smile:

Just a question, what is the utility of the "Sort by" field in the columns adjustments??

This would set sort criteria for a that specific column. You see the value but the sorting is according to the sort criteria.
E.g. if you used TRACK and entered for
"Sort by"
Any attempt to sort by clicking on the column header for TRACK would result in sorting album first, then the track.
Similar, but not quite the same.

Please read ...
Sort by file name then by track number


Wow, I damn definitely love this program, really versatile.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: