Selecting various types of files does not open MP3tag from the contex menu

Hi. I love this software, nevertheless I have to suggest something that I do not know if it is a bug or not so I write it down on General Discussion.

When I select a file I can open Mp3tag from the contextual menu on w7; I mean if I want to open Mp3tag from a mp3 file I only have to click on it and then "open with" it does not happen that if I select various files, I have to go to start menu and then open the program itself.

I hope you can solve this. Regards.

I just checked with an mp3, a jpg and a flac file.
I selected them in the Windows Explorer and right-clicked on one of them and got the mp3tag-entry and mp3tag opened both the audio files ... so you would have to check if the file association on your system is correct.

I did a quick test using "Total Commander 8.51".
There are 5 selected files from different folders, ... of filetype aac, mp3, flac, wma, m4a.
When I opened the context menu from one of the selected files, ...
the context menu offered the entry "Mp3tag" ... then clicked on it ...
then Mp3tag displays all selected files in the listview.
This looks ok to me.

For my understanding ...
the explorer context menu's option "Open with ..." is designed to open a specific type of file ...
with a selectable application from the following submenu.

Or ... do you speak about a special context menu entry "Open with Mp3tag" ?


I have tried both.

On the first image with only one file.

On the second one with two selected files.

Re-install Mp3tag and make sure you check-mark "Explorer Context Menu".
Use Mp3tag from the context menu, not the "open with" menu.

Wow thanks.


And using:

Now I have to do it with the new version.