Sequential MP3 Title


I'm trying to append a sequential number to the Title field in an MP3's Tag info. My Creative Zen Xtra keys on the Title field when it stores files. If it finds more than one file with the same Title info, it calls it a duplicate file and won't transfer it.

In the post:

Batch file tag processing?

I found a way to replace the title field info with either "01, 02, 03...." or "Chapter 01, Chapter 02, Chapter 03......". What I really want to do is to append sequential number to the title. For example "Title" would become "01 Title", 02 Title, 03 Title".

Is this possible?



You just add %title% to the string, like

$num(%_counter%,2) %title%

Thank you, that worked perfectly


Hi, I'm following in this string of conversation because I had the same question about batch re-naming titles with a sequence. I see in this discussion that the way to do this would be to create a new action. Could you explain how I do this, please; I mean, how to actually create a new action?

When I click on "actions," I see where I can create a new action, and I see where I can add a name for the action group, but I do not understand how I add the language for the action. In "action groups," when I click on "edit," it takes me to a screen that looks like I should be able to type and save language, but I cannot do anything. I cannot add any text or anything in this "edit" screen.

This is probably a really dumb question; I'm not the most savvy with computer language or programming, but I'm really befuddled by this. What am I missing, please?

Thanks so much!

Also, this is a fantastic program!! Thank you for creating it and making it mostly stupid-proof (for those of us non-computer-types) :confused:

Perhaps you missed the FAQs?
Have a look at /t/967/1
which explains how to create a new action.

Or would it be enough to use the Track-Numbering Wizard in Tools?

No, I did see the FAQ, but I'm not understanding it. I have created a new action group, but I do not understand how to add actions to it. The list in the FAQ does not appear when I click the "new action" button (with the little star). I only see that list of actions in the quick actions selection in the tool bar.

So, I clicked: actions > new
Then I created a title for a new action group.
Then I clicked on "new" to try and add actions, but there is nothing to add. I don't see the list shown in the FAQ.

You probably see an empty windows and on the right side is a "new" button again. There you have to click add actions for the action-group.

With the actions menue you always create an action group which can be filled with 1 or more actions, which will be performed one after the other. So you first have to create an action-group an then to add actions within this group.