Serato DJ: Copied Tags for Beatgrids and Markers to another format version of track won't get read


while trying to copy the tags from Flac files to newly generated .mp3- or .aif versions of the same files, i noticed that tags for Beatgrids and Cue Point Markers of the copys will not get read by the Serato DJ Software.

The Serato-specific tags SERATO_BEATGRIDS, SERATO_MARKERS_V2 etc. are written to the mp3 copies (verified under "erweiterte tags"), and most of the "normal" tags as well as album art of the copys are shown perfectly in the Serato Software. But when loading the copied file to a deck, it will get reanalyzed and won't have any Cue-Points.

Not sure, on which site the problem lies, as Serato seems to behave a little sketchy in terms of reading tags: after deleting all tags from test-files and even removing the file from the crate in Serato and adding it again, some few tags as Artist etc (tags that correspond to my selected crate columns) are re-written to the files. Also tried the "Rescan ID3 Tag" button without any luck.

It would be great to be able to also copy the Beatgrids and CuePoint Markers to different audio-formats of the same tracks, as these are often set manually for each track, meaning lots of work for whole libraries.

Not sure though if it is a format thing, as i also tested to copy the tags to a newly generated Flac, and with there Beatgrid and Cue Point Markers were read successfully from the software...

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see here a thread on serato that also deals with grids - but apparently a different problem, yet it indicates that MP3tag does not manipulate the tag fields.

you could check if the tag fields are are named correctly.

The Serato-specific fields are written to hidden PRIV ID3v2 frames that are not read by Mp3tag (but preserved).

This means, that copying tags from a format that uses these fields as standard user-defined fields (e.g., FLAC or MP4) to MP3 does not write the format Serato expects.


First of all thanks for those quick replies! not sure, if i understood correctly, with regards to Florians reply i tried to copy the tags from my FLACs to newly created .mp4 versions (with aac codec) without success with the Beatgrids and Cue Point Markers (rest was copied and shown correctly in the Serato Software).

After Research in the Serato Forums there seems to be a known Problem with FLAC files and writing specific tags in the Serato Database („Serato“-Folder) instead to the ID3 Tags:

„the email from serato:

Marcus S (Serato)

Jun 9, 2020, 9:58:14 PM GMT+12

Thanks for your email. Please firstly note that saved beatgrids cannot be transferred between re-encoded tracks, as this information is not stored in the ID3 tag but rather in the Serato folder alongside other Serato library info. If they haven't been edited, you can still get the same beatgrid back by just analysing them

For .mp3 files the cue points are stored on the ID3 tag - so I recommend that you get in contact with MP3tag themselves as it looks like the cue points have not been successfully copied.“

and more threads regarding this topic:

I will consider switching to ALAC as my „master“-copies if copying Beatgrid and Cue Point information from ALAC -> mp3 is possible but have to investigate the drawbacks first.

Thanks to Florian for the development and support of this software, using it for years and buying a copy right now!