Server Errors

I am getting errors saying I cannot connect to freedb. I have no firewalls preventing the program. The search will work 2 times and then not work for ten minutes and repeat. I've tried changing response time, and using other servers for the database.
Its rather annoying.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for the great program.

Hi raft,

sorry, but I can't give you more assistance than this topic from the FAQ.

Best regards,
~ Florian

hey mate,
i figured it out, i think its a bug in the program, or a limit on the server.
i was using the search field to find the album I wanted, and it was searching, artist, album, and title.
apparentlty the search field was too long, thats why it was getting rejected.
so I tried a shorter search, just artist and album title and everything worked great.
you might want to try a long search query and see if the same happens to you.

Please tell me the search string you've used to trigger that "error".

if i ever do anything more than "artist / title" it usually doesn't work

Sorry, can't reproduce this.