Service Unavailable (503)

I receive this error most of the time when I attempt to connect to using the TagSources Menu:

Error connecting to server: >> Service Unavailable (503)

I made sure my firewall and anti-virus software don't cause the problem. Online info on the problem indicates it's a server-side problem. I sent email to with no response.

I have no problem connecting to using other software to get tags. Eventually, the connection will work & I can retrieve tags using from using MP3TAG. I have no idea why it sometimes, after many many attempts, it will work. I change nothing & it will work, eventually.

Is there something I can do to make this work consistently as it does in other software on the same computer? It makes it very frustrating to use MP3TAG for tagging my MP3s.


Boring! this problem has been published and answered several times in this forum. Please use the search function to find the answer or follow this link

I appreciate the reply, caustic as it is... I DID search FAQs and the forum & found nothing. I followed your link & found much discussion, but not a solution. From what I found, it looks like many others have the same problem. Answers seem to be wait until the next hour for Amazon to reset their hourly quota or that it was fixed in MP3TAG v2.47a.

I access Amazon for the same thing with other software & have NEVER had this problem. So, it seems unlikely that it is an hourly limit thing. I am running MP3TAG v2.47b. So, unless it was re-broken, it wasn't fixed in v2.47a.

If anyone can answer the question, please reply. I don't need any more tacky, emotional responses.

Oh, and if you know the answer, please put it in your reply. Sending me to search seemingly endless threads of a discussion to find no answer is fun for you, but not for me. <_<

You said it yourself:

So I think there are only the following alternatives:

  • confine yourself to the facts and wait,
  • turn to Amazon and ask them when they intend to revoke their quota policy
  • check all the other programs in which way their method of accessing Amazon differs from the one used by MP3tag and then suggest that way for MP3tag.

Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I thought the forum might help, and I am waiting.
  • Amazon is unresponsive, as mentioned above.
  • I am not a programmer, but if there are any programmers who can analyze why MediaMonkey can access Amazon with no 503 errors and MP3TAG can infrequently access Amazon without a 503 error, this would be their opportunity.

The one advantage provided by MP3TAG over MediaMonkey in accessing Amazon for tag information is that there is a way to tag multi-cd albums using MP3TAG. The method I have found is crude, time-consuming, and prone to error, but having a way to do it is something. I have found no way to reliably use MediaMonkey for that. Since that requires MP3TAG to access Amazon [the other TagSources seem useless], then...

Thanks again for your responses...

@cthorne. You are right to ask these questions and I don't believe waiting for the next hour is likely to be the final answer unless some new policy has been adopted at Amazon. I was using Amazon for tag and cover data extensively up to late last year with no such error message. I've just rebuilt my PC and now find I get the message all the time.

Thanks for the response, but sorry to hear about your problems. I did find another program, TagScanner, that accesses Amazon with no problems. It also has a better facility for tagging multi-cd albums than MP3TAG. At least, I understand how to use it better. The MP3TAG update dialog gives little help how to line up the source with destinations. You kinda have to select & count & hope you are right. I have found no way to make certain that you are right until after you have done the update...

TagScanner, unfortunately, is not well documented, has no dedicated forum, and I have been unable to find decent tutorials on it. If anyone knows of any, please let me know.

Again, I appreciate your response. Try TagScanner & see if it works better for you. Look at the online help file for the most documentation I've found, but not very good documentation, either.

dano as updated his web source scripts without this limitation:

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