Show "Rating POPM" in column

I stored in a *.mp3 file with ID3v2.3 header a Rating
When I load the same file in MP3tag then the column "Rating WMP" is emtpy.


Probably the music player MusicBee stores the Rating in a slightly different ID3 field:

Rating POPM /Popularimeter

If it is different from Rating WMP:

How can I show the content of "Rating POPM" in Mp3tag column?
I don't want to call for every file the "Extended Tag" context menu but view all Ratings for all mp3 songs in an extra column

Or how can I covert it from Rating POPM to Rating WMP?

There are various mapped fieldnames, like
You will find additional details in this table:

I would try to map all 3 possibilities in 3 additional columns to see which on is useful for you :wink:

Please also read this thread, including this

If you use the extended tag content for a file you know has the rating format you want, this should show you the actual tag field your player is using. You can then add that to the column views, and even the tag panel if you wish.

Ok, that looks better.

%popularimeter% shows values like


Is there a way to extract only the mid value (between the two vertical strokes)? there a way to convert this value to (more human readable) stars?
...or at least values 1.....5?

As a workaround this can be done (as far as I understand it) by a formula like


But how do I tell it Mp3tag?

as soon as WMP plays such a track, it transforms the ratings to rating WMP.
Sometimes it even adopts the rating when a track is added to the library.
You could have a look at this thread and see if it helps:

This thread will be useful for the OP:

Ignoring the stuff relating to traktor@native-instruments (switching that for whatever musicbee stores the rating as).

You'll end up with the Star Rating displayed as stars, instead of the corresponding number vale.

Ok, thank you. We are approaching my final solution.

What I still miss is a way to copy the found, calculated star value in POPULARIMETER reps. "RATING POPM" field to the corresponding ID3 header field "RATING WMP".

How can achieve this?

See teh FAQs on how to copy one field to another: