Simple Action "Format Value" hangs

I don't know if this is a bug or just a limitation of the program or my system. I am running windows 10 (Up to date).
I am using the latest version (3.08) of MP3TAG and am having a problem with a simple action I have created. (Format value "COMMENT":$left(%albumartist%,1)%albumartist%) The action works fine on small quantities of MP3 files, say 100 or less, however, if I select a larger quantity say over 200 The action runs until it hits around 120 to 125 files and then hangs. I then have to terminate the program using Task Manager and sometimes force a reboot.

Help please.

If the action runs in general and only refuses to run on some files, then I would assume that it is something local.
Either the treated files are corrupted to some extent (which you would have to really check and not just say that they are ok - also, being playable does not mean that the tag data is ok. There are some links to programs to check the files in the FAQs)
And then there is the possibilty that other programs notice that some change is on the way and try to find out what that is and block the files. So you would have to find out whether this is the case and which program that might be.


Thanks for getting back to me.
I believe that all the files are OK. It only seems to hang on large selections of files. If I select 100 or less there is no problem. If I select a large quantity it hangs. Once I reboot and repopulate the list I can tell exactly where it has stopped. When I select the next file to be processed it does the action so I doubt it is the file.
Is it possible that it is a buffering issue or a memory space issue?
I have 8192MB memory, 3852MB cached. I am using a 1TB drive with 653GB free space.
I have tried running the program alone, no other user apps running. Also started as administrator with same results. Unfortunately windows 10 runs so much stuff in the background it is hard to determine if one of them could be the problem. Any other suggestions? I have over 7K tracks to do and don't want to have to do that in small blocks.


MP3tag is a 32bit application so it uses no more than 4GB of Memeory.
Again: unless you rule out all the local influences - and these are foremost problematic files and simultaneous access - it is virutally impossible to guess any further.
Esp. if you have interrupted the process forcefully the state of the files is questionable.
So, please, run a check on all the files.

Ok. Thanks. Will do a check on all and let you know if that solves the problems.

Hi, I bow to your expertise. :bowing_man: I can not believe that over 10% of my files had errors. I ran MP3Val on the entire library and that was the result. Most were garbage at the end of the file but a few were VBR without VBR headers. Would you have any idea as to why this could happen. I am very careful when manipulating the files. I use MP3TAG exclusively to build the tags and to name the file and build the folders for the files. I use Audacity to edit them if there is too much dead space or if there are multiple tracks in the one file.
Anyway thank you very much for the assist.


Thank you.
Now that you have become suspicious as to what might have happened to the files - could you also run Mp3diags? Not all checkers find (and possibly correct) all the errors.

After MP3diags has loaded and analyzed all the files, it is a good practice to use the yellow filter and move one of the found problems from the right column to the left and see which files have to be treated.
Some "errors" like low quality or missing cover are no real errors. Others, like bad or unknown streams should be corrected.

Hard to say - sometimes Audacity messes things up when used as tagger.
I think the only way out is to regularly check the collection with the checking tools, or, if not the whole collection, then at least the new files.