Simple Soundex Calculator

Simple Soundex Calculator

The attached Mp3tag export script creates a text file of type ".txt" with semicolon separated values per line (SSV), for subsequently importing values into the given files.
The list contains the file pathes from the given media files, in order to connect safely data and filename, when using the Mp3tag import feature.

For each given file and for each given tag-field a 'soundex' value can be calculated
(... so edit this script accordingly).
This export script is prepared for ... ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, FILENAME_EXT.

For viewing and probably for using the imported soundex values in the Mp3tag listview you have to configure additional columns.

How to use this script that is left to your imagination.
An identical soundex value points to similar, but not necessarily identical, text strings, that's all.


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20131208.Export.SSV.SoundEx.Calculator.101.rar (2.54 KB)

20131208.Export.SSV.SoundEx.Calculator.101.rar (2.54 KB)