Simple tagging question

Hi, not sure this is the right place to ask
i have searched, maybe i didnt get the search terms right

anyway, im trying to change all my mp3 file's Date tag
i initially tagged them as
YYYY.MM.DD (with a period separating them)
but now i need to change them all to
YYYY-MM-DD (with a dash separating them)
is there a easy way to do this with MP3TAG?
sorry if there's a obvious answer, im not very good with these.

thank you :slight_smile:!

Have a look at the FAQs for a "Replace" action.
Setup an action for the DATE field, and replace the dot by the dash.

thank you,
now i have another question
which field do i put in mp3tag , to chage the "Date" tag in foobar?
i tried both YEAR and DATE
but none of my files have the YEAR field
for the DATE field the DATE did get changed when i right click > extended tag in MP3TAG
but when i put them in foobar, and right click > Properties, the "Date" tag becomes empty

not sure if i explained that clearly, english isnt my first language
also am i tagging the Date(in foobar) correctly? and what is the YEAR tag(in MP3TAG) and the DATE tag(MP3tag)
which one should i use to tag the album release date?

The DATE tag from foobar is the long date and represented by RELEASEDATE in Mp3tag.
The short date (only the year) is YEAR in MP3tag.

Foobar changed something about the DATE field recently.
Foobar now combines Mp3tag's YEAR and Mp3tag's DATE fields and displays them in one field called DATE. If you have both fields, both values are show.

I can't confirm ohrenkino's remark about RELEASEDATE. This is shown as an extrafield to me at foobar.

if that is true, does that mean i should find a field call RELEASEDATE in Mp3tag?
because i cant find one in extended tag nor in the field drop down menu when i do action > replace
am i using the program in a wrong way?

if it combines the YEAR and DATE fields, why do i get a empty Date field in foobar when I edit DATE field in mp3tag (but there was a Date displayed before i try changing it in mp3tag)?

so basically, heres what is happening for me:

Date in foobar is the same as Date in mp3tag if the Date is edited in foobar
if Date in mp3tag is edited, the Date in foobar will be empty

Year in mp3tag is the same as Date in mp3tag in the Year is edited on mp3tag
if Date is edited again on foobar, Year in mp3tag will be gone and there will be two Date fields, the first one is the date that was edited in foobar the second time, and the second Date field is what was previously the Year field

that was a bit confusing to me as well, ill try to word it better, tell me if you are having trouble understanding it.
thank you:)

Read there what tag-field relate to what tag-type ...
Tag field mappings


alright so after reading that, and the tag mapping for foobar,
i found that thers 2 Date field in foobar, one is TYER(ID3v2.3) and the other one is TDRC(ID3v2.4)
so the fact that theres 2 Date showing in mp3tag does that mean one program is writing in 2.3 frame and the other one is writing in 2.4 frame?
is that how it works? or can the program reconize which version of ID3 the file is tagged as and write in the same version?

im not very sure how this work even after some reading
can someone just give me a simplify answer for this?
and what is the most effective way to change all my YYYY.MM.DD date into YYYY-MM-DD?


There are some limitations with the foobar DATE tag also depending on the ID3v2 version

on ID3v2.3
You can only use YYYY to make foobar write to the TYER frame
If you use YYYY-MM-DD it will write to a TXXX frame

on ID3v2.4
You can use YYYY-MM-DD and foobar writes to TDRC
If you use YYYY.MM.DD it will write again to a TXXX frame

So if you want to use the YYYY-MM-DD format you should use ID3v2.4 tags.

thank you, that clears up most of my confusion
and im now able to change all my tags to the way i wanted it
now i got one last question:
while i was searching for this, i found a lot of post about changing ID3v2.4 back to ID3v2.3
but i dont quiet get the reason behind it
is there something wrong with the newer version? why are some people changing back to 2.3?
what is the "better" one to use?