Single field mass auto-tagging


I hope I'm not repeating a question, but my search through the forums led to no conclusion.

I have a fully organized and rather extensive collection. I'm missing 3 fields that I would like to have filled, but I can't afford to loose the time to do it manually. Is it possible to mass autotag those fields without touching the rest of the tag information?

The fields are:

  • composer
  • publisher
  • lyrics

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Could you become a little more specific how much automatism you are looking for?
Are you in search of a data source that supplies the missing fields?
Is one field ata a time enough or does it have to happen all at once?
Do you simply want to copy one field contents into another field?
If you cannot afford to do it manually, how many compromises can you afford?
What about tracks that do not have any lyrics? Do you need an error message?

  1. For the sake of simplicity, let's say I have 5000 mp3 with the standard fields correctly tagged (artist, album, genre, track, year). The (nearly utopic) thing I'm looking for is, with a few clicks in mp3tag, have the yet-blank fields and automatically tagged (i.e. having mp3tag do all the work, based on the information supplied by the tag) - filling the tags one by one would take me many many hours
  2. I want to do the same with lyrics, although I'm guessing it's hardly as easy as with the other fields since the lyrics sources are not as reliable/complete as the sources for publisher/composer. I imagine the hypothetical command I'm talking about searching through several databases until finding a decent match and moving on to the next file.

This amount of automaticity would be error-prone; still, I feel it's a fair trade off to have the majority of my collection tagged (and sporadic errors are always corrected as detected).

So: am I just dreaming or is this in fact possible? :slight_smile:

It's possible to an extent. What you'd need to do is select the web source supported by mp3tag that you want to use and edit it to write only the tags you're interested in. Then you'll have to run the lookup album by album using the web source and save the changes. Beats track by track, but it's the best you're going to get. Unfortunately, for some reason known only to himself, Florian refuses to add batch-tagging capability to mp3tag whereby you can load a tree containing albums and tell it to tag the lot using a web source. Pity, but there it is...

Indeed, a pity... Guess I'll just have to leave the perfectionist in me dissappointed...

Thanks for the support!

Can anyone tell me how to edit the web source to write only the tags i'm interested in as suggested above? Lets say i want just the composer, after selecting a web source i only get "album" "artist" "year" "genre" & "comment", no composer. I see no way to add composer and no way to exclude the not needed info other than deleting it one by one which would likely remove the tag info i want to keep.


Maybe it's just not possible despite statements to the contrary?

Where did you find these statements?
Which web script do you use and what have you done so far to get that web script to perform the way you want it?

Thanks for the reply.

  • The statement is a couple of posts above this one in this thread.
  • I'm not editing a script, i'm just using mp3tag's "tagsources > freedb". I am asking how to do this, so of course i haven't done anything to a web script as of yet (i didn't even know that was what i was dealing with), i'm trying to learn what i need to do! Or if mp3Tag functionally includes writing only specific tags.

The post says that there is a way to do what i would like by editing the web source. No mention of a script. In other words, i would like to write only (as an example) the composer information from a web source. Is this possible without writing code/script? Or is it a setting that i am missing? By the way i am not script savvy obviously, i just wanted to know if it was possible with the program and how to do it, if it's not possible without writing code/script no worries i'll use another one that will. It's just that i have used mp3tag for some time now and like the interface and would like to stick with it, but if, as it now seems i need to write scripts it's probably not the program for me after all.

Thanks again,

If you use e.g. the discogs script by pone
you have many options to set the data you want to import.
("Modify the web source" sounded a lot like "give me a thorough introdcution to coding" - but we are over that now.)

Thanks For your help, much appreciated.

  • Tom