Small Playlist Bug

Hello. I have an album for the group ".38 Special". The tags for files in the album and file renaming go fine, but when generating a playlist, this is what I get for one of the songs:

#EXTINF:279,.38 Special - Special Forces - Caught Up in You 38 Special - Special Forces - 01 - Caught Up in You.mp3
Note that the second line - the one for the MP3 file itself - is missing the leading period (.) needed to properly identify the file.

The extended information - formatted with "%artist% - %album% - %title%" properly identifies the group (.38 Special).

The file name generated by "Tag - Filename" is "%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%".

The actual filename for the line above is ".38 Special - Special Forces - 01 - Caught Up in You.mp3" - note the leading period.

Thank you.


A leading dot character is allowed for folder name as well as for file name and works pretty good with Mp3tag.
See also ...

When creating a playlist file, with full path information regarding the listed media file, the filename with the leading dot is written correctly.

Exception confirmed:
When creating a playlist file, within the home folder of the listed media file, without any path information, then the file name is missing the leading dot.