Smartphone does not show up

I know it absolutely does work in Poweramp. Also Neutron if you haven’t tried that one. Make sure you are using id3v2.3 and UTF-8 or 16.

Thank you again. Will try those apps again. For the moment, I have started flac-ing the wavs. ;o)

I was going to ask why you are keeping your files in wav, especially on your phone. FLAC quality is maintained and file size is smaller. Plus you will get the benefit of much wider tag support. There are options for taking your PC files and converting to other formats for mobile.

Your question is quite justified. I started collecting audio some 20 years ago, as wav as I am slightly obsessed ;o) by quality. When I heard about the flac format, I refused to believe it to be (almost?) lossless when I saw wavs shrinked by 30 to 40%.
But now you have given the nudge to convert me. I work with a tool called fre:ac audio converter. Do you have a recommendation for other converters?